Jing Si Aphorism by Master Cheng Yen

When we were in The Lodge Restaurant at Brinchang, Cameron Highlands, I noticed some posters hanging on every pillar of the restaurant. What a learned person the owner of this place is! I would love to have my view on the owner’s choice of the Jing Si Aphorism by Master Cheng Yen:
Nothing is impossible if you believe it is achievable
Personally, I believe that belief alone will not make anything achievable. There must be actions, corrections and actions again. One must work hard, make attempts, willing to take risks and accept failures, learned from mistakes and try it one more time, over and over until success is attained!
By instilling drive in one’s belief that nothing is impossible, one would not give up until one is successful. However, one must be realistic to identify what are possible and what are not. One cannot seek to pluck the moon by merely believing it is achievable, right?
To a beautiful heart everything appears beautiful
I must agree to this one. People with a beautiful heart are very positive people. They are people who see only positive, possible and non tainted things and people. While these people are angels in their own ways, in my opinion, they may not be realistic people.

They may be people who refuse to see a true character of another, fail to acknowledge there are bad and ugly people existing in this world. By doing so, they will be taken advantage of and some may even be victims of unscrupulous scandals or scams! Sad but it is true; while one should have a beautiful heart, one must also be aware of people around them!

Use wisdom to contemplate the meaning of life, use resolve to organize the time you are given
To me, these are very wise words. Honestly, how many people actually spend time to think about the meaning of life; least organizes it! Many of us, including me, may have plans about our life when we were younger, but as time pass and things do not turn out as planned, we will end up living the lifestyle life laid out for us!

In other words, at one time or another, we could not control our life as we wanted it to be. Instead of going against the force of nature, we should live as destined, take note of how we have ended up where we are and re-destine our life by taking the relevant actions.

I feel that life may not be as perfect as we wish them to be. Most people are happier being someone else. If we learn to love ourselves with what we have and be who we are, we will love life more and appreciate life better. By doing so, we may find more wisdom in living and organizing our life! It is sad if we keep trying to live and organize ourselves to be someone else.

Be grateful when people try to hold you back for without them you would not develop the strength that enables you to move forward
I do not understand this phrase about “being grateful when people try to hold you back”. Does it mean we should thank people who make our life difficult? In real life, many people thank those people who had been hard to them or who had looked down on them because they are the people who groomed them to be who they are today.

Does this aphorism mean that? If yes, I would say that it is encouraging us to have a positive view whenever we are being jerked or ridiculed at! This is easier said than done. Human beings are very emotional animal; most of the time we let our emotion take the better of us! We will only feel grateful to those people when we become successful later. But we could also blame, instead of being grateful to, such people when we are suppressed from being successful!

Only those who respect themselves have the courage to be humble
To me, a humble character is an inborn character. Some people can pretend to be humble but it can be felt as insincere actions as it is not easy to be humble. We can respect ourselves or have high respect of ourselves but we may not be able to stay humble to others about our own success, status, background or belongings. There are more proud people walking among us than a humble one!
And why did it say that we need courage to be humble? I believe when we are humble, we are only honest and being modest. To me, it takes more courage to be proud and arrogant; trying to be what we are not in front of others!
Let go of all worries only then you can appreciate the happiness of a compassionate heart
This one I agree! Worries are devils to our heart! Bad for our health! And torture to our brain! Worse, when we worry about things that are beyond our control! I believe worries can eat up a person’s patience and compassion and definitely one’s happiness. That does not mean we should not be worry at all. A little worry can make us more alert of what we should focus on. But if we over worry about everything under the sun, we could have more hair fall than necessary!
Learn to be more carefree and we will live a happier life! Trust me!
Do not worry if you disagree with me. They are just my personal views but I must say the above are wonderful aphorisms indeed! You agree?

5 responses to this post.

  1. Yes, they are wonderful to help one go through life. Difficult to follow but worth a try and when you reach a ripe old age, they become more meaningful, especially with hindsight!

  2. Yes, UV, I too believe I would appreciate them more when I grow older.

  3. Master Cheng Yen is the founder of a charitable organisation called Tzu Chi with around 10 million members and hundreds of thousands of volunteers worldwide working to bring aid to the needy and sick while cultivating their hearts and minds at the same time. THe amazing thing is that she started Tzu Chi in Hualien-a rural area in Taiwan over 40 years ago from scratch with only 30 housewives each setting aside NT50cents from their grocery money every day to raise funds for the poor. THe logic behind this is: To give rise to a kind thought every day.Here's the English website of Tzu Chi: http://tw.tzuchi.org/en/I happen to be a volunteer in Singapore and now working in its Daai TV station in Taipei. I was not able to understand the Jing Si Aphorisms at first but after volunteering and working in Tzu Chi over the years, I gradually come to understand them better. One can never truly understand the aphorisms through thinking, as they are wisdom that stems from what Master Cheng Yen and Tzu Chi members have experienced as they walk on their path that is often filled with many challenges and difficulties.

  4. Anon, thank you so much for all the information. I must agree one can never truly understand the aphorisms through thinking. That explains my "thinking" views. I believe I will learn to appreciate more of them when I grow older. Thanks again for sharing your experiences as Tzu Chi volunteer.

  5. Extremely well written piece of writing..

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