GFrenz: Teluk Bayu FL1, Sg Petani (Goodbye!)

I went to bed at about 12.30am when many of the GFrenz were still alert.  I dozed off too soon to know when the rest had gone to bed.
That night there was no strong wind but it was chilling cold.  Throughout the night, I could hear the chalet being pulled by the strong ropes tied to it.  The current must be very strong, as anticipated by the staff who (was seen by NGH) came to tie an extra strong rope to the chalet in the afternoon. 
I wore my socks before going to bed that night but was awakened by the chill that sent shivers to my spine.  Even half asleep I was  able to put on my thinking cap to pull the comforter under me to cover myself.  I woke dear cousin to do the same; pulling the other side of the comforter to cover herself.  This way we kept warm to sleep through the night.  Oh, what a chilled night!!! 
The next morning I woke up earlier than some of the members.  This time I took the trouble to brush my teeth and wash my face before breakfast!  Aiyah, we will be leaving today mah, how to leave the place smelling like yesterday lei?  Hehe…

It was a fine, beautiful morning.
Finally, we got to eat Woody’s homemade sardine sandwich for breakfast which recipe he had shared in Star CB!
Yup!  GFrenz guys can cook too!
We had all the other leftovers (steamboat and what not) for breakfast too.
We had to either finish them or throw them away before we check out that day.
Since it was the last day, jlkow tried his angling luck and caught this tiny siakap.
“Help!  Help!  I don’t wanna be your ham-hu!”
Want or not also, it went into the red pail!
jlkow’s catch for his wife’s salted fish collection.

This morning we all lazed around and continued our story time from last night.
I never expected GFrenz members to open up to each other, sharing some personal experiences and family stories during this get together.
Our brotherhood / sisterhood tie had definitely strengthened in this trip.
The number of luggages had cut by almost half by the time we “checked out”.

Goodbye, floating chalet!

Goodbye, Bukit Jerai!

Hmmm, what was tt326c doing there?
“Eh, you!  Come quick!  Don’t fall into the water, okay!”
Because of the low tide, the boat had to park at the end of the jetty.
We had to carry all our luggages while balancing on the wooden planked jetty.
Aiyah, no problem lah.  Plenty of space.
Can, can, still got plenty of space!
We managed to ask one guy to take a group photo for us.
Say “cheese”! 
One for the album!
After the photo session, the gals hugged the gals, the guys hugged the guys while the gals and guys shook hands to bid farewell to this get-together!
I had the most enjoyable time with you gals and guys!
Will miss you all until we meet again!
Goodbye, Teluk Bayu!
After bidding farewell with the other GFrenz, we adjourned to drive south and side tracked to Bukit Tambun for lunch.
Dear cousin and I took the gang to the Restoran Jeti,
which we had gone during our west costal adventure last year.
We had superior soup lala, steamed prawns, kangkung belacan, steamed octopus
and deep fried baby calamari. 
Everyone had a fragrance coconut each.
What a hearty meal!
(Sorrylah, you gotta use your imagination to picture our food from the empty plates!)

Passing through the hill tunnel from Penang at the PLUS Highway.
Watch it!  Speed limit is 80km/hr!
The winding and hilly highway towards Ipoh at the PLUS Highway.
Passing Ipoh at the PLUS Highway.
Final words:
Dear cousin and I had a wonderful time getting to know the GFrenz, proud to be associated with them and honoured be one of them.  We appreciate the time that we had spent with them as it is amazing to know big hearted people from different walks of life where age does not matter. 
We had learnt so much about life, health and friendship from them.  To me, GFrenz is not measured with how long we have known each other but how fast we clicked with one another.  It is not measured by how we got to know each other but how we make an effort to be with one another.  It is not measured by wealth or status nor is it measured by qualification and background.  All is needed to be one of GFrenz is to be ourselves; without questions and conditions and most of all to feel comfortable and safe in the company of each other.
As I always believe, the like attract the like.  There must be a reason why we were brought together.  Our favourite song:  “The more we get together… we happier we’ll be!” is the theme for GFrenz.  Let’s toast that we can continue this wonderful friendship for a long, long time!
Three cheers to GFrenz!!!
Yum seng!

UV’s post on FL1.

Fellow bloggers and I.


11 responses to this post.

  1. I am a creature of habits – both good and the not-so-good. Breakfast just doesn't go down well if i had not brushed my teeth. Bathing is another must; at least twice a day. You see i have this irritating tooth which acts as a 'relief valve'. When i don't bathe enough this tooth aches. I love to take bath in Tt's house. LG, you must ask Tt about his bathroom. Cheers! PS You owe me RM10 and i shall be collecting from you, plus interest, very sooooon!

  2. Aiyah, jlkow, I am a clean creature too lah. Just did not brush teeth and wash face before breakfast one morning only mah.I took my bath everyday one. I also brushed my teeth and washed my face before I sleep lah!I mana hutang you lei? Either be a minced meat again or get a more invincible sifu to transfer some "unbeatable" power to you! Hehehe…

  3. darn right, jlkow.i too missed TT's bathroom.the bathing experience is one made in heaven.wait till you have a chance to see it in person, then you know, LG.Your feeling of getting tied to GFrenz was exactly what my wife felt when she first join us to TD2.with that GFrenz spirit hovering above us all, you just have the urge to pour out the real inner self to everyone…The description you gave to this friendship bond is more than appropriate now..can't wait to see your video on this trip. Dear cousin is doing it, isn't she?

  4. FL1 brought [once] strangers together and proved that genuine friendship can grow if everyone long for this feeling of care, share and togetherness. God willing our bond of friendship will grow stronger day-by-day.Actually I was tempted to quietly dive into tt's bathroom water tub and have a nice cool dip…but better not. With so many rounds of mau2, I may drown in the tub…hahaha!!And to mrs woody, I will never ask you to stop wiping the table and mopping the floor anymore. Now I know that you do it with joy for the comfort of all Gfrenz. Arigato gozaimashita…TFL

  5. Woody n TFL, you guys are really making me very curious about tt326c's bathroom!!! When do you think I get a chance to use it ah?Yes, dear cousin will get the video out on time for the next get-together. Looking forward to it already! "The more we get together, together, togetherThe more we get together, the happier we'll be‘Cause your friends are my friends and my friends are your friendsThe more we get together the happier we'll be."

  6. Interesting blog to my mind. Thnx for sharing this information.

  7. You are welcome, BW! Glad you find the blog interesting! Cheers!

  8. Great article to my mind. Thanks for sharing this information.

  9. Great blogpost if you ask me. Thnx a lot for providing that information.

  10. Nice info, sweetie! Keep it up! By the way, why don't you make this site a bit more social.

  11. Hi Mell, thanks for your kind words. Sorry, I do not understand what you mean by "make this site a bit more social"? Maybe you can elaborate or suggest? Thank you so much for your interest here. Cheers!

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