GFrenz: Teluk Bayu FL1, Sg Petani (4)

The wind was blowing hard during the night, hitting the canvas sheet which was hung at the walkway of the dining area.  I heard something fell at the kitchen and the toilet door was banged shut by the strong wind a couple of times.   The wind gushed into the bedroom via the door and hit directly at dear cousin and I who were sleeping on a comforter laid on the floor.
I had to get up to find my socks to wear which was pulled up as high as possible to tug in the pants to keep the cold air away!  I tried closing the door but the room got too stuffy.  Why lah the wind didn’t know how to get in through the windows one???  I had to open the door again and used one of the luggage as the door stopper and later dear cousin dug out her scarf which we used to cover our heads before we could finally slept through to morning.  What a windy cold night!
Morning had broken and voices crept into my ears before I opened my eyes to find I was the only one still sleeping.  So shy.  Everyone was already holding a cup of coffee in their hands.  Some already had their share of Mrs Woody’s homemade char siew pau.  I wanted to take my toothbrush and towel to brush my teeth and wash my face but was asked to join in for breakfast.
But I have not… “Aiyah, everyone here did not brush our teeth and wash our face lah!  Come!  Have a cup of coffee!”  Yikes!  Aye, when you cannot beat them, just join them lah!  After all, I was just as “dirty” as everyone else.  Erm, at least I made sure there were nothing sticking in my eyes!  Hahaha! 

Good morning, Bukit Jerai!
What a beautiful morning!
Clear skies and everything nice!
Excuse me, I thought we are having breakfast??
Wah!  This porridge breakfast is as good as lunch lei!
The “chap chye” or Emperor dish by Mrs tt326c was one of the best I have ever tasted. 
Cukup cukup (enough) chilli hot and sour!
And cukup cukup tasty!
The shelly item (like baby la-la) in the tuperware was hand picked by tt326c’s family during their trip to Penang and it was preserved with soya sauce only and it went very well with the porridge.
I was really enjoying this trip lah!
With all the good food!
Eat, eat, eat!
Have a second or third helping!
Yummy, yummy!
Mrs Woody was already very busy in the morning.
She was getting ready a “surprise” dish for us.
Everyone else was  doing one thing or another.
This group, with me involved, was having some games of mah-jong.
That was my mah-jong set lah and tt326c had via the email declared he would make a minced meat out of me in the game!
Initially the two guys got their wife to play while they sat behind as advisers. 
Who were the guys?
jlkow and tt326c lah!
Then tt326c took over from his wife leaving jlkow still giving instructions over his Mrs’ shoulders.
Finally, both guys took the player seats with the Lion Girl at the table!
Roar!!  Roar!!
And tt326c and I made jlkow the minced meat!
Honestly, tt326c really knew how to increase our blood pressure during the game.
He will open all his cards whenever he was calling for a full point game!
Both jlkow and I would be looking at the cards to throw out cards not wanted by tt326c!
Phew!  Really stressful lah!
While one group were making a lot of noise with the mah-jong game, NGH, VC and Woody had a good time chit chatting.
  Of course I did not know what they conversed lah, I was very busy playing mah!
Guess the most relaxed people were Mr and Mrs neighbour.
What a life!
Just lazing around with dear wife by his side…
Mrs Woody was such a darling; doing all the chores and making surprises after surprises of good food for all!
Go ahead people, have fun and relax.
I am having fun too, preparing some wonderful dishes for you guys and gals to eat.
Paper wrapped chicken!
“Ko lo yuk” (Sweet sour pork dish)!
Fried vegy!
Mrs Woody’s cooking is on par, if not better than, many high end Chinese restaurant chef’s cooking!

Now I know why a 5kg packet of fragrance rice was being carried onto the chalet.
The porridge was the main course for breakfast and lunch.
Good choice and good thinking since we had BBQ the night before!
UV, NGH and dear cousin used their creative ways to BBQ the smoked duck which did not get to the pit the night before.
Both smoked duck and the overnight Lunas duck (tasted better after the night) competed at the lunch table.
With the ducks on the table, how could there be no “mau-mau” for NGH?!
Our Chairman was already using his present (mug) from the night before.
After his loss at the mah-jong table, sifu reverted to his love of his life – golf.
See, you must wear this umbrella cap and tee off like this!
Sure can get a birdie one!
Must take picture of the sunset!
Beautiful, simply beautiful!
Guess what we are having for dinner?
Mrs tt326c prepared it all!
Before we attacked the steamboat, we were given this pleasant surprise by Mrs Woody.
Meatless with every shred and cracker handmade by Mrs Woody!
The most refreshing yee sang tasted!
jlkow was complaining about its small portion, apologised first before he “sapu” (cleaned up) the reminder of the dish!  Hahaha!
Special request to Mrs Woody: 
One Big, Big portion for the next GFrenz get-together!
UV had composed a “Limericks” for FL1.
Initially, we were supposed to memorise our own limerick to read it out tonight but the kind soul who suggested it said we could just read out our own direct from the liminated copy, thanks to our Chairman and Woody, that was given to everyone. 
Mine goes like this:
There is this dame who keeps lots of accounts
All she does is travel, write, eat and count
She joined our group for fun and good food
Now her life is full and needs no recount.
Beautiful, right?  Love it, UV!  Thanks!
Caught NGH (aka TFL) in action!
Others were just too busy with the steamboat to notice this candid action.

Scoop whatever you want.
Let’s celebrate life with good food, yah!
NGH and UV were busy cutting up the smoked duck.
I hold one leg, you hold one leg and I’ll cut in the middle ah!  Ouch!
Why were UV and jlkow giving their 2 fingers lah?
Ah, we enjoyed the charade game so much last night, we split into 2 teams of 5 each to have another round of fun!  This time serious one because the losing group will be forfeited by the winning group!  Hehehe…

Our team:  UV, Mr and Mrs Woody, tt326c and I.
Our ex-principal, UV, insisted to give the other team hard times with 6 to 8 sllybus words and the world’s longest word “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” in the one word charade game!
Phew!  Cold sweat!
We ended up giving lots of hints to the other team so that it would be a fair game.
Sporting of us, right???
While we gave difficult words, the other team gave a non English word “Pondan” which we could not guessed.  They insisted I did not spell out in the rules that such word cannot be used wor.  Okay lah, next tme we shall be more specific!
tt326c got the word “abyss”.
Although Woody managed to guess the word after some time, tt326c still checked with us later if he had done it right for us to guess the word.  Then he confessed, “This is the first time I play this game.”
Hey!  Not bad for a first timer lah!
Woody guessed it right mah!
NGH had the word “diarrhea”.
I shall leave it in your imagination how he had it in action!
Mrs tt326c shouted out “lau sai”!
The other team members: Mr and Mrs jlkow, Mrs tt326c, NGH and dear cousin got the forfeit.
Lost by one word.
Their forfeit: 
All five of them to stand inside the paper laid out on the floor.
Sorry it was not captured in  photos.  Was too busy laughing at the commotion!
The paper size was 2xA3!!!
The rest of the  night was good chatting and debating over whatever issues that came to our minds.
I managed to capture this picture when NGH said, “Wa ka lu kong” (I tell you ah)
and UV said, “Lu pei sai kong” (You no need to say)!  
Aiyah, I forgotten what was the issue they got heated on but after a while, it was all forgotten lah.
The true spirit of GFrenz!
Did you notice, I now write in Hokkien dialect instead of Cantonese???
Drowned in the group for 3D2N gave me no choice but talked their dialect too.
One more post coming, soon….

7 responses to this post.

  1. HI LG,no problem with the 'yee-sang'.just inform me of the latest headcount, and in case jlkow(or anyone else) wanted double or triple helpings, just raise your hands.BTW, if you guys are going back to Ipoh for the CNY season, do try to get 2 pomelos (the red flesh ones, dear cousin knows it) for me, makes the yee-sang more complete mah. No obligation though.

  2. Wah LG girl, you are having a lot of fun aren't you? You saw me dressed like a hula-hula girl, wore a mini umbrella on my head and then you put a Fencing Mask on me.You just wait LionGirl, you just wait.There are more of those 5-foot worms where they came from.

  3. Make me hungry only… hahahaa.. Nice one!

  4. Woody, will let you know headcount later! I am sure everyone wants second helping and ta-pow too! Hehehe…Aiyoyo, jlkow, don't lah scare me with that 5' crawlie! I'll run behind Mrs tt326c and let her faint in your arms! Hahaha! Ooophs!Casendra dear, we should get together more often lah so that you skinny girl can get to my size! Ahem, the "perfect" love-food size! Hahaha!

  5. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!! hahahahahahaha

  6. Wah .. Wah.. LG, you hate me so much ah?Mrs tt326c faints in my arms? You know or not how hugh Champ, her dog, is? He can swallow me whole la. Joke aside. Even if i can escape Champ, i still have to face tt326c. I don't want him to make minced meat of me and feed it to Champ.Either way sure si (mati) wan.

  7. Casendra dear, the Chinese believe that as we grow older we should add "fook" on our looks! Sooner, or later! Hehehe…jlkow, you are one of my favourite GFrenz lah! You should feel sprinkles of love every now and then lah, where got trace of hate lei? But if you expose the 5' crawlie, Mrs tt326c will be my best shield! Face the consequences of Champ n tt326c lah!Hahaha!

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