Day trip to Pantai Remis, Perak.

Right after we came back from Cameron Highlands, dear nephew and wife were already talking about Pantai Remis.
“Let’s go there before Chinese New Year. We may get to buy some seafood for the festive season. Then we can go to this place where there are trees which have colourful trunks. I have been there when I was young.” Dear Mrs nephew was suggesting.

(Aiyoh, that was more than 20 years ago!  I was made to get out of the MPV to ask some locals if there is such a place that has many colourful trunk trees.  So “fish” (embarrassing)!  Nobody there knows that such a place existed!  Those in the MPV had to consoled me that it was okay that I was “fished” because those people I approached do not know me and that I will not see them again in my life!  Hahaha!)

But dear cousin and I will be going to Teluk Bayu Floating Chalet, Sg Petani next week and to travel again the following week? Hmm, I have to check if I can complete one project before I can go lah!
The day before the scheduled day, dear nephew had SMSed us to confirm if we will be going with them. I replied that the chances were high. On the day, I managed to submit the report to the client and off we went to have another weekend fun for the third consecutive week!
Turn into Ipoh at Simpang Pulai exit.
Drive following the Lumut direction.
It is a straight road all the way.
New, wide road all the way!
Enjoy the journey instead of focusing on the destination, okay?
You will cross the Perak River’s bridge to reach this signboard.
I find this arch weird. 
It is only on one side of the road.
Personally, I believe the arch should be built over both sides of the road.
We should praise the King  with “Daulat Tuanku” on both directions of the traffic, right?
Once you notice Pantai Remis on the signboards, follow that instead of the Lumut direction!
It would be a waste to sleep on your way there.
If you love blue and green, you will enjoy noticing the sky and landscape changing moods as you travel.
Also, you will notice that some small towns are more advance than you expected.
You could even find a township built because an university is built there!
Palm trees on both sides of the road is really breath taking!
Hey, I thought we are going towards a beach.
Why is there a mountain in front of us??!
The signboard confirmed we were on the right track.
Another 8 km!
Yeah!  Pantai Remis!
We visited Mrs Nephew’s auntie and her uncle took us here for lunch.
It was almost 2pm.
This plate of salted egg fried “lai liew ha” (mantis prawn) was a decent plate of dish until the two plates of chilli sauce were placed in front of it!
Dear cousin insisted to snap them in one picture!
Japanese (egg) tufo with minced meat. 
Was it good?
We had to force each to one piece to clean up the plate!
Even the kids were not interested in them!
This was the best dish for lunch.
Kangkong belacan with prawns.
This prawn, a hidden treasure, was dug out from under the vegy for photo session!
Loh Hon Chai – vegetarian dish for Mrs Nephew’s mummy.
Steamed siakap – overcooked.  Sigh!
Fried oyster.  The lady who took our order said the oysters were in 10sen size.
Turned out, they were in 5 sen size lah!
Could not even get one stuck between my teeth!  Haizz…
Our teaching from young is to finish eating what are served to us,
hence nice or not also, we cleaned all the plates!
Ah, this is also a DAP territory ah??
After lunch, after getting some fruits from the trees, we headed to our next stop.
 I thought we came here for seafood?!
Why did we only have fruits???
I have reserved the photos of all the fruits etc for Star Online Citizen Blog’s post.
The Chinese says:  Something is better than nothing.
We saw this stall by the road side and decided to buy some “seafood” home to cook!
After all, we had this in Kota Kinabalu before.
RM1/kg was like big bonus from what we paid before at KK!!!
Dear cousin bought RM3 for 3 kgs.
Kept them at the front seat so that they could get the air conditioner.
Don’t die ah…
We drove on towards Lumut direction from Pantai Remis.
We wanted to visit the Turtle Management Centre.
Came all the way here must visit the beach lah!
Very quiet road indeed. 
No cars in front of us.
No cars behind us.
Gee, felt like we were in twillight zone!
Oh, another signboard directing us there!
Yes!  Yes!  The sea!
Eh, why is the gate closed??!
Darn!  Close at 5pm! 
Aiyah!  It was already 5.10pm!
Don’t care!
Die die must get our feet on the sand and listen to the waves!
There are two guys fishing!
“Hi brother, you fishing ke?”
What a question to ask?
Holding a fishing net must be fishing lah!
Wah!  Caught so many fishes already!
These are “todak”!
How I know?
Aiyah, some GFrenz were trying to catch the same fish at Teluk Bayu Floating Chalet at Sg Petani!
Look out for that post!
Coming soon….
This guy did not spend too much time chatting with me.
He was more interested in continue doing what he was doing before I interrupted him with some silly questions!
That was the first time I saw someone fishing with a fishing net at the beach.
Very interesting to see the guy casting out the net.
See!  I even caught him in action!
I noticed he also had three fishing rods stuck into the sand while he went hands on with his net!
Got so many fishes here meh?
I tried asking him what type of fishes he will catch with the rods but he either did not hear me or did not want to answer me.
Why?  Was I talking too loud?
Worry the fishes will not get hooked because of my voice ke??
I managed to talk to his wife who was sitting under the tree shade to find out what fish he will catch with the fishing rod.
“Tak tahu (Don’t know).
He always gets alot of todak one.”
How do you cook todak lah?
“Deep fry.  But I do not eat.  We always give our catches to our neighbours.  Yes, all of them!”
Huh?  Why come fish and catch to give them all away???
Don’t understand.
I did not talk to him also he caught nothing mah!
Kept going to different spots to cast his net!
Ready, get set, action!
Even dear nephew was taking shots of the guy!  Hehehe…
Must also enjoy the environment:
Found this wild flower growing on the sand nearer to the big trees.
Beautiful purple flowers, yah?
Dear cousin taught me to use my thumb to mark the size of small flowers shots so that you know they are really small wor,
Small but beautiful wild flowers!
This little purple flower is a mini “windflower” ke??
This shot was a special request by Mrs Nephew.
Pretty shot, right?
Dear nephew was not interested to take this shot because his wife told him to take!
Hum!  You ask I must take meh?
Never mind lor, I take lor.
Sunset creeping in.
Better leave before too dark!
This “berry” tree was a nuisance to the place!
The whole floor was covered with its berries, mostly smeared by footsteps or car tracks!
Plenty of flies over them too!
After we got into the MPV, we had to chase the flies out of it!
Shoo! Shoo!  Shoo!
On the way back to Ipoh, I found this mosque.
It is more majestic in real.
A big mosque for a “small” town??
Look at the sky!
A scary sight indeed compare to blue skies and everything nice, right?
Thank goodness, as we travelled further, the sky cleared.
Love this picture!
See the coconut trees?
A die hard patriotic citizen of Malaysia!
The owner has 10 mini Malaysian flags on his car!
Malaysia Boleh!
Electrical wirings also want to take picture?
Look at the two floating clouds lah!
One of it looks like an air balloon trying to fly over the wires.
Quick!  Quick!  Don’t want to be electrocuted!
By the time we reached Ipoh, it was dinner time.
We went to Wong Kok at Pasir Pinji.
It is behind the famous Tuck Kee Restoran.
So many empty seats ah?
Can pick and choose any table lah.
But we were requested to sit another table after our drinks were served because one family of 3 tables reserved for a “private” corner.
Aiyah, what private corner?
Everyone going in and out of the entrance can see everyone sitting at the three tables lah!
Everyone noticed my hair standing up after the day’s travel!
No mirror?  Snap a picture!  I wanna see!
Really standing up one!
In Ipoh, must eat their steamed “water” tofu with minced meat.
Soft and smooth….nice.
Simple fried “yau mak” with preserved beancurb.
Cooked just right!
The kids favourite – marmite pork ribs!
So were the adults!
Must let the children have more lor.
We big already mah…
Another vegetarian dish for Mrs Nephew’s mummy.
She is a full time vegetarian.
This salted fish pork belly was good but dear nephew said Tuck Kee’s better.
This bittergourd black bean steamed “kam fung” fish was their signature dish.
Perfectly steamed and very tasty indeed.
This dinner plates were cleaned voluntarily one!
This dinner was better than lunch although lunch costed RM130 and dinner was only RM92.
We tried to ask the restaurant to cook the lokan we bought from Pantai Remis but was told by the “captain” that they do not know how to clean and cook them!  Okaylah, take back to cook lor.  Sad, sad, brought home we faced the same problems topped with the fear it was too cheap to be good stuff!  Scared got mercury and all.  Finally?  They travelled all the way first class seat to be thrown into the dustbin!  The only seafood from Pantai Remis had gone wasted!   Haizz…
This dinner was intended to celebrate elder cousin’s birthday which falls at the end of this month.  Her 70th birthday.  She requested for no celebration; no birthday cake so we took her to this dinner.   Happy Birthday ah!
End of a day trip to Pantai Remis and back in Ipoh for a night!

9 responses to this post.

  1. Pantai Remis, lovely place. I grew up in Lumut and Sitiawan – these are lovely places with good sceneries and good food.

  2. Ah, MK, do you know about that place that has trees with colourful trunks??? Really wonder if it exists…

  3. The thrill in fishing is patiently luring the fish to take your bait, hooking it up with a strike and successfully landing it. Eating it is secondary lah. Quite difficult to understanding that feeling if you are not a keen angler. Moreover to someone who loves to eat. Tsk tsk tsk….

  4. You are right, Sean!You should read about my fishing "experience":'ll understand why I prefer to eat than to fish…hehehe…

  5. I must really take my hat off to you for this detail photoblog. It was such a simple trip where our main objective of getting seafood did not even materialize and yet so many things of interest came into your view and nicely captured with your camera. You are really someone who will stop and smell the roses along a journey. That's very good and everyone should be encouraged to do something similar. But I have a little problem with that wor. I just love driving my MPV and stopping is errr, kind of contradicting. How arh? Since I can't stop to smell the roses, if I just put rose scented air freshener in my MPV can or not? 😀

  6. So much food & experiences! Nice…

  7. Sean, we must appreciate nature at its best. If I am more alert with my camera, I could have snapped more amazing pictures for the blog. Aiyak! Chau kei ler! Hahaha! Once the opportunity is missed, it is usually gone forever… a rose scented air refreshner will not be able to replace it lah! Hehehe.Casendra dear, lunch was for 6 adults (1 did not eat much because he already had early lunch) 2 children and dinner was for 8 adults 2 children. I would say we had too much for lunch and just nice for dinner. No wonder dinner tasted better! Nice…

  8. I agree with Sean, you really the person like to have detail photoblog,…..snap photos under the hot sun, and I sit under the yum yum tree…he..he…he…You are enjoy with your photography so much whatever trip you travel…..

  9. DC, I must thank you for taking many of the pictures I posted in my blog lah! Of course most of them I took one! Hahahaha!

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