Cameron Highlands: Brinchang Night Market

At Brinchang, you will find the night market near the police station. This is one market you must visit if it is opened on the night you are there. The stalls occupy both sides of the main road. Personally, I find more crowd on the stretch where it is nearer to the hotel whereas the stalls nearer to the police station sell at lower prices!

See the hotel?  See the steel arch?
This is where the night market starts!
For your information:
If you need to use the washroom and you think this hotel has a public toilet, you are not wrong.
But, you need not walk to the hotel reception to ask them where their hotel toilet is.
Why?  Because they will ask you for your room number! 
What room number?  I am in urgent need to get into a toilet now!
Cool man.  Just go straight from the entrance of this building until the end.  The toilet is on your right.  A run down toilet which is still useful when you have the need to use it!  Phew!
p/s:  Bring your own toilet papers, okay!
During peak seasons, you will be part of the sardine packed between the stalls!
Strawberries are on sale everywhere in Cameron Highlands.
Of course you can also find them in the night market.
Ah, this looks interesting.
I actually paid RM1 for a cup of strawberry milk tea.
After trying that, dear cousin paid another RM1 to try the green milk tea.
Yes, we have to pay to taste the milk tea.  No free sampling!
Their brand is “Cemerland”
Our advice:
Do not buy from this stall.
1) The girl claimed the sachet packaging is big and that one sachet can make into two cups of beverage which in fact can only make into one cup or two half cups.
2) 2 boxes for RM15 (promotion price).  Each box clearly stated has 7 sachets but we found one of the box we purchased has only 6 sachets. 
Really felt cheated!
For your information, which we found out later, you could have FREE tasting of the same tea varietes when you patron the 88 Holiday Fun Garden. 
It is located before the turning into Kg Raja (before the rubbish site,
when you are on the way to Cameron Highlands.
You can sample almost any eatable / drinkable (even their chilli (padi) sauce!) products under their “88” label.
The taste of their tea varieties are very much the same as the one at Brinchang night market.
Same promotional price and each box printed it contains 8 sachets.
We did not buy any since we already bought at the market, the night before.
Note:  We visited this place on the way leaving Cameron Highlands.
This is another interesting stall at the night market.
Honey direct from the comb!
Fresh from the comb!
The guy will cut a piece for you when you order.
3 plates of the above at RM5.
The white design is actually wax – no taste and can be spitted out or swallowed.
We spat it out!
The honey? 
Tasted like heaven…
As if I know how heaven tastes lah?!
But it really tasted fresh and sweet.
Or could it be our mind telling us that because we ate direct from the comb?
Puzzled, puzzled.
Plenty  of honey varieties.
The cut comb above are sold in round tuperware at RM5 each.
Look at the table where the white plates are and you will find the round tuperware.
The same item sold in shops costs RM7 each.
Cheaper to buy them here.
The small tube of honey is sold at RM0.80 each.
Mrs Nephew managed to sweet talk the guy to give 2 tubes FREE to the kids.
Ahem, after we bought 100 sticks/ packet lah!
Who said night markets sell cheap things??!
The seller told us these oranges are from Cameron Highlands.
Big and fresh!
Test tasted:  
Juicy, sweet – sour!
After a few days at home, the oranges turned sweet lei.
No regret!
Look at the empty crates!
Business must be good.
Since those crates were thrown on the floor, Mrs Nephew and dear cousin asked for one crate each and carried with them for the rest of their night market shopping.
Eh, don’t ask me to carry, okay?
We crossed over to the other side when we found this stall’s sweet potatoes really fresh and clean looking.
Aiyah, food also must look good and attractive to lure people to buy mah.
The seller said these were jungle sweet potatoes, picked by orang Asli (natives).
We do not know how far it is true but buy also!
Cooking Tips:
One way to cook them is by throwing them (after washing, keep the skin though) into the rice cooker or pot with little water.  Throw in some pandan leaves and sprinkle some sugar onto the sweet potatoes.
Let them cook till the sugar caramelised.  The pandan leaves aroma will fill the house. 
Hey, check the pot and turn off the stove fire or rice cooker when the caramelisation completed. 
If you leave them to cook further, you will be eating charcoal, okay!
No lah, not my recipe.  I “mana tau masak” (where know how to cook)? 
The two strong ladies’, who carried crates the whole night, recipe lah!
p/s:  If you wash them clean enough, you can eat the skin too!
These abalone beans is a must buy if you love soups, like me!
Their beans are so sweet….
Ask the seller and she will give you the recipe to cook them!

This is the wild vegetable called “dragon moustache”.  Hehehe.
We had  “loong so choy” dish throughout our stay in Cameron Highlands.
Look out for the post about where to eat and what to eat.
Coming soon…
This is another vegetable which you should not miss either ordering when you are at Cameron Highlands or to buy back to cook!
It is the aparagus – long bean hybrid.
Crunchy and sweet!
Love it!
Ah, we asked every stall and finally found it at one stall near the police station.
One stall seller was telling me stories that this “Mexican” chilli is sold only in January in Cameron Highlands.
She said I will not be able to find it in December!
Aye, just do not believe everything the sellers tell you!
See the white caterpillar like item packet beside the chili?  They are fresh cordyceps.  Also useful for soups.
Hey, the strawberries were placed side by side with the chilli!
Hope nobody takes the wrong packet by mistake!
These chilli can really send you to the roof if you are not a “hot” person!
For chilli lovers, like me, you will love them because it is not only hot, it has the tingling spice taste that no other chilli has.
Don’t believe? 
Try it!
Another story time. 
We had to stand and listen to the seller introducing this “new” product to us.
At the same time, we got to test taste the fruit as well.
Sweet  and juicy.  A little like sweet potato, a little like raddish.
As usual, I will read while listening.
Of course what she said were listed on the paper too.
She said she lost 5 lbs in 2 weeks taking this fruit everyday wor.
Believe it or not!
Err, I bought also lah!
For health purpose mah.  Hehehe…

This is one more food you should not miss when you are in Cameron Highlands.
Buy their Cameron sweet corns!
They sell two varieties of corn here; one from Ipoh which is the pearl corn
and another is their Cameron corn.
The latter is more expensive,  3 for RM10 while the former is 6 or 7 for RM10.
Don’ t ask me to tell you how to differentiate.
All I know is: 
Both corns can be eaten raw. 
The Cameron type is fresher and sweeter in taste!
Try your luck in getting an honest seller or let your tastebud help you choose the right one!
All the best!
Gotta put an end to this vegetables/ fruits post of mine.  I sound more like a seller than a blogger now.  Haizz…  Now you know why we had that crate as one of our luggages at the Desa Anthurium Apartment.  We practically bought the whole of Camerons’ vegetation back to KL!  Hahahaha!
Look out for where we ate and what we ate post! 
Coming soon…

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  1. may i know what is the hotel name??

  2. mRs aHMa, if I am not mistaken, the hotel is Star Regency (from the location map found at Post me a comment if you can confirm it, okay? Happy holidays!

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