GFrenz: Encounter – TowTrack Scam @ Ulu Bernam RR, PLUS Highway!

We were on our way back to KL from Teluk Bayu’s FL1 get-together. (Look out for the posting of our 3D2N GFrenz event), after stopping by the Jeti Restoran at Bukit Tambun for lunch, when we decided to make a final stopped at Ulu Bernam’s RR along the PLUS Highway for the famous “pau”s of Tg Malim.
UV and dear cousin bought some to bring home for breakfast the next day. NGH had cheekily walked away from the group because he claimed he saw a pretty girl. Aiyah, never believe a TFL (tow-fung-loh = mad man)’s words. Most probably, he was pulling our legs only!
The moment we reached NGH’s Unser, we saw the car lights were left on. I noticed NGH’s frown and immediately said, “Oh-oh, hope the battery is okay!” He tried to start the engine but in vain. At that moment, one Malay chap passed by and asked, “Battery mati(died) ke? I ambil (take) battery untuk(for) you start?”
Yes, this hand belongs to NGH (aka TFL).
He tried to use the brick, found on the ground, to hit the battery!
This way the battery will be charged meh??

Just at that moment, when he was busy knocking at the battery, the “angel” appeared
and asked, “Battery mati(died) ke? I ambil (take) battery untuk(for) you start?”
All of us concluded this guy must be an Angel sent to help us. While waiting for him to take his car battery over, a short Indian man came to the car and peeped at the engine. Dear cousin and I noticed his tow company T-shirt and started whispering among ourselves not to let him touch the car. Then, when the Malay chap drove and parked his car beside our car, we realized that the two persons were accomplices.
Quickly the Malay chap dismantled his car battery and both of them tried to connect upside down his battery with that of the Unser’s.
“Hey! You cannot do that! The acid water is dripping onto the car! You will spoil the car!” Exclaimed Woody Invincible!
Immediately they stopped. Next, they dismantled the Unser’s battery and installed their battery so that the engine of the car can start. After having done that, they asked one of us to step on the accelerator. With the engine noise and everyone’s joy for the success, dear cousin and I noticed the Indian chap’s hand fiddling with something in the engine.
If I knew they were crooks, I could have taken their pictures!
The guy meddling the spanner was the Malay chap whom we thought was an angel sent from heaven!
The shorter guy beside him, in bright blue and protruding stomach, was the Indian chap in the tow workshop T-shirt!
When we asked him what he was doing, he pulled the next connection which is connected to the accelerator. In other words, we do not need anyone to step on the accelerator because there is already a gadget which they could use to do the same in the engine itself.
The moment NGH released his foot off the accelerator, the engine died! Hey! Why should that happen? After a few attempts, the Indian chap gave his tow workshop’s name card to NGH and offered to tow his car to the workshop to change some parts which he claimed was faulty.
This was the namecard given to NGH.
In case you cannot read all the words and numbers.
They are:
Hakim Workshop
Vincent (Hakim)
019-270 1336/ 016-206 7336
No. 70B, Jalan Besar
Hulu Bernam, 35900
Tanjong Malim, Selangor
Tel/Fax: 05-459 9066
We said no to them. In fact, NGH had already paid RM10 to them for starting the engine. He thanked them for their assistance and said we will resolve matters on our own. Woody and I took out our hand phones and started calling our mechanics. Dear cousin reminded me of Mazlan (the guy who did my power window the other day) and I called him.
The first thing Mazlan said, “Check all the connections. Tighten them and make sure they are all intact or connected.”
While the guys were looking at the engine, the Indian chap approached us again and took a spanner to try to loosen another bolt.
“NO!” Both dear cousin and I exclaimed.
Dear cousin shouted at him, “Don’t you dare touch anything anymore! You are the one who has caused us in this position now!”
Ooi! So fierce ah! Thank goodness, there were 6 of us! If there were only two of us, sure die one! Anyway, we were fearful that these two people will call up a gang to ambush us on the highway later. Thank goodness, there was no ambush!
Woody offered to walk to the Petronas nearby to check if they sell Unser car battery. Mrs Woody tagged along in case that two unscrupulous guys gang up on him. Both came back later to announce no batteries were on sale there.
UV, feeling guilty that his forgetfulness caused all the commotion, called his wife to check if she could get an Unser car battery. He was prepared to ask his wife to drive from Sg Buluh and deliver the battery, as the last resort!
Somehow, we were not contented with the situation. Hence, UV and NGH went hands on at the engine and focused on the parts that the Indian guy meddled just now. Mrs Woody, who was standing by to help find anything out of place, spotted a clean spot which a gadget was taken out! “That item should be clipped here! Look at the spot!”
At the same time, Mazlan called back to check if we had settled the matter. Next thing he mentioned was, “If everything is intact, just get someone to jumpstart the battery! It should resolve the matter. You should be able to drive back as long as you do not allow the engine to die. Change the battery when you are back”
Almost at the same time too, dear cousin managed to stop 2 young Chinese chaps and asked if they had the wire to jumpstart batteries. When the guys said yes, she asked if they could jumpstart our battery for us. The two kind souls drove their car to position it in front of the Unser, which was pushed out from the parked position to the open road.
Engine start!
Let go pedal, engine still runs!
We did it!
We had all gone through an ordeal together! 

NGH drove the car two rounds at the parking space before hitting the highway. Those two bad characters had long gone when they realized we were no fools to fall into their trap! Everyone reached home safely, dead tired after the 3D2N event and the RR ordeal…

Gee, this is my longest post in my blog. A record of an adventure of a lifetime and true meaning of teamwork and that together we can fight the “devils” who tried to cheat innocent drivers at the PLUS Highway RRs!
GFrenz ‘boleh’ (can)!!!

11 responses to this post.

  1. We always hear and read of such things and to let it happen to us was really an eye opener. Thank God for His care and GFrenz for being so united in an ordeal. Others would start pointing fingers and putting blame but none of these things occurred.

  2. Hmnm, that was dangerous! Grr.. should hv post it on Facebook too. Bravo GFrenz team! hehehe… if only two also must be even more fierce ok, got the car lock in the car? If only one or two of u, hold the car lock (well i did that last time :P) and prepared for anything bad happen! Or, just step in and press die the horn! ( battery can still horn ah?)God bless God bless! All safe and sound 🙂 yay…

  3. Wah, lucky there were a group of you all there. Just imagine what could had happened if there were just the two of you. There are many of these unscrupulous conmen around everywhere always waiting for the right moment to pounce on the next victim. We just have to be extra careful nowadays.Knowing a little about engine can go a long way when the need arises. But knowing someone who knows about engine is also good enough for emergency.By the way, manual cars with a weak battery can be push started easily. If you don't know how, I'll demo to you the next time we meet.Cheerio.

  4. UV, we are people who look for solutions and not problems! That is why GFrenz is "invincible". Sorry ah, Woody, borrow your name sikit. Hehehe…Casendra dear, never arm yourself with that lock! It could be snatched away from you and used against you instead! That was my brother's advice when I wanted to put a softball bat in my car.You are right! More people should know about those crooks and the things they do. Feel free to share this post in your FB.Sean, am waiting for you to teach me new tricks. Need to push car to start engine? Between DC and I, guess I'll be the one pushing the car lei. Haizz…

  5. I knew we were conned when he said my alternator not charging. I travel a lot and know my car well and the alternator is in perfect condition. I gave them RM10/- just to get rid of them so that we can organise the next move., and this we did with everyone's help. Thanks LG and dear cousin and my other GFz members for staying so co0l…….we beat the crooks at their own game…hahaha!!!

  6. Right on, TFL! Those two rascals "got eyes don't know Tarzan"! Hahaha! They meddled with the wrong group of people! Hope our sharing will get more people aware of their tricks and beat them too!Cheers!

  7. To UV, what did you do to the throtle cable? My car was running quiet like a pussycat when I went to Mentakab yesterday, then to Teluk Chempedak, Kuantan and just return to K.L. In Kuantan I took the car to a mechanic to check again., battery, throtle cable, timing, etc., and he told me nothing wrong with my car and is in perfect condition. Hahaha!!!…no need to change battery and save some money for my mau2 session.

  8. always bring a jump start cable in your car. thanks for sharing so we aware of this.

  9. Jeff, the way I see those guys even if we had the jumpstart cable, they would still meddle with the engine and claim there was something wrong with the car.The reason why they took out their car battery to connect to ours (instead of using the cable), I believe, was to have the spanner in hand to loosen more screws, like what the short guy tried to do, to make matters worse.Just beware of "kind souls" who approach you "voluntarily".Glad to share our experience!

  10. Celaka….this kind of monkeys must lock them in the zoo for display and warning to public *#^@&*#%@* tell the whole world ……And have a introduction to say this *^&^%$%^&@ monkeys "toh sui kah" !Just a very simple technical battery pro…blem, make a very big *#&+*^ and somemore prepare a tow-truck stand by to "chuk sui yue" …. Celaka !

  11. DC, when it comes to earning a living, some people really use whatever method to do it. Cheating the intelligent and the innocent whoever will fall into their trap!Yes, eveready with the tow-truck some more! Celaka betul!

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