Cameron Highlands: Taman Agro Tourism (Big Red Strawberry Farm)

Taman Agro Tourism – Big Red Strawberry Farm , located in Brinchang, has always been one of our favourite place to visit whenever we are in Cameron Highlands.  Admission is free.  Here, you will find plenty of flowers and cactuses (including pots and fertilisers) for sale.  A good place to have your exercise as you have to keep walking up to reach the best spot of the place: their cafe!
Look out for this signage to get to the place!
You need to go through a “back lane” to reach its entrance.
Make sure you are good in balancing your car if you cannot find parking on level ground.
The road there is too steep for comfort.
All my back passengers had to get down before I could drive my car up and parked it at the slope!
And had to engage to first gear for safety purpose!
I told you they have beautiful flowers!
This signboard is all over the place!
It is a matter if you believe they really have CCTV protection.
Better be safe than sorry!
So, behave yourself, okay!!
Plenty of hydroponic green and purple salad vegy here!
You can even get the “green” drink if you are a healthy freak, like me!  Hehe.
No matter how I hold my camera the picture just could not turn out attractive.
Strawberry plants on the top with parsley on the ground.
Something is just not right.
Is it my skill or is it their arrangement??
Glad I found this interesting shot; the strawberry flowers with strawberry fruit in them!
Over our walkway to the cafe, we were covered by grape vines.
This is the only one good shot, out of many that I snapped, of the grapes hanging down!
Phew!  Hard work! 
Thank goodness photography does not generate my earnings!
If yes, I think I will die of hunger lah!
Yes, you can pick strawberries here.
Don’t want to pick, can buy strawberries here too!
And they have plenty more strawberry goodies for sale.
Oophs!  I did it again!
Eat!  Eat!  Eat!  Drink!  Drink!  Drink!
Forgot to take photos!
Let me do a autopsy:
We had strawberry waffle, strawberry ice creams and the “green” drink.
(forgot the name lah!)
Dear nephew noticed my bad habit again; snapping picture of food from the next table!
Strawberry with whipped cream!
At least this item has not been touched mah!
You should try their strawberry varieties here.
Simply delicious!
I almost climbed over the railing, outside the toilet, to snap this picture!
This is a rare rose, right?
A virgin white rose tainted by pink spots!
Another God’s creation?
Or someone sprinkled some pink paint on it??
After much difficulty driving up to park the car, we now need to drive 45 degrees down the hill to get out , which all cars have to experience even if they are parked at level ground!
Most challenging, I say!!!
Have you been there before?

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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