Cameron Highlands: BOH Tea (2)

After our cuppa tea we walked across the hall, which is at the right side of the main entrance, to find the washrooms.  Further from the washroom, you will find the souvenir shop on the left.  This is where you can buy packets of BOH Tea varieties, T shirts, umbrellas and other souvenirs as gifts to bring back to where you come from!  Wah!  Sounds so far away!
Walk a few more steps and you will find the Exhibition Hall.  There is a small dark room in the hall which one can take a seat to watch the TV runs and reruns the history of the BOH Tea.  You can learn more from the notices and posters in the hall, if you love to read.  There are also display of antique machineries and tools used in their business.
The washroom and souvenir shop are on the left side of the building but I was focusing on the right side because I found the wood arrangements very neat. 
“Cool” should be the word.
This poster attracted my attention.
But the staff at the counter said that the tour was temporary unavailable.
But why?
Oh, no need to panic, we can have our own tour:  tea bush walk and factory tour.
To me, this signboard is placed at the wrong place – outside among the trees, secluded!
Hey, from what were written on this sign, it is no wonder why it is left abandoned outside!
Where got such services?
Aisay, might as well take it down lah!
This signboard, which is hidden even further, is more useful.
They are factual information about the tea factory but are they updated?
The above signboards are actually standing  on the left side of the factory entrance.
So were some of the BOH staff who told us we do not need to be guided and can go into the factory on  our own!
They just stood there chatting among themselves.
This was taken in the Exhibition Hall.
Those processes are the ones found in the factory.
The moment we stepped into the factory, we inhaled only tea aroma!
The fragrance was so refreshing and tantilising that we were relunctant to leave the place!
If only the tea we drank was as aromatic as what we smelled in the factory!  Haiz…
The factory tour was definitely educational.
Please don’t just look at the staff working at the machine or stare at the trays of tea leaves only.
Do read the signages above each location where the process takes place, except the 1st stage which takes place outside the factory.
You will appreciate the tour more when you do so.
It was difficult to capture the full legible signage because of the factory lights’ reflections on them.
Honestly, the above shots are the best I could have!
Hope you find them useful.
After the factory tour, we walked back to the main entrance to leave the place.  We decided to take the route down via the tea plantation which is nearer to the parking lot.
This way down.
Watch your step!
Since it drizzled, the path was slippery!
You must really watch your steps!
Look at the roots on the ground!
Aiyah, this was easy trekking.
It was just down down down.
Ah, what do we have here?
Is it tea flowers?
Aiyah, it is wild flowers lah!
Sure we are getting only tea leaves for our cup of tea?
More flowers sighted among the tea plants.
Beautiful, right?
If you have been following my  blog, you will know I love flowers.  Hehe..
Could not resist taking their pictures.
I noticed molds growing on the trunks of the tea plants and took this shot.
It is a prize winner picture, right?
Gee, I just love my BB (= BlackBerry). 
I had to take this picture with BB because Pentax’s battery died before the end of the route.
I just love the nature!
See!  We found a magpie on the ground.
I did not know tea plants attract birds until I saw them picking worms from the ground!
Woah!  These ground are fertile!
Just could not believe our luck!
Is that a cuckoo bird???
It is either too fat or too cold because it just walked away when we approached it.
But that did not mean it allowed us to catch it lah.
Hmm, it behaved like a pigeon.
Maybe it IS a pigeon, uh?
Anyone knows the answer?
A picture of the hilly plantation from the ground.
Love the clouds!
A wide angle shot.
You just have to be there to appreciate what I am trying to share with you here!
Look at the jam!
We need to get out the same way we came in.
Two way traffic on a narrow road can be  challenging!
The solution: 
Be courteous and give way so that the traffic moves!
See the big mansion on the hill top?
Could it be the bosses’ residence?
Sure look huge, cosy and prestige to stay in!
Looking back we saw winding roads behind us.
Looking ahead we saw winding roads too!
Looking down, we saw the slope we just passed.
More jams as more people tried driving in while we drove out.
When you see this, you are almost out!
Yup!  This is the entrance/ exit of BOH.
You can look out for those stalls to find their signboard to get in.
Turn left will get you to Brinchang.
Turn right will get you to Ringlet.
I had a wonderful time (thanks to dear nephew who took us there) at the tea centre for the first time, had enjoyed the sceneries and the walk of nature.  I believe the drizzle had added the beauty of the hills.  If you like to have the same experience like mine, maybe you need to go there only when it drizzles.  Hehehe…
More post about the highlands to come!  Sooooon….

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  1. good… seems like you are busy travelling around… *thumb up*

  2. Jeff, there are more to come! Look out for them, ok? Cheers!

  3. It was very interesting for me to read the article. Thanx for it. I like such topics and everything connected to them. I would like to read a bit more soon.

  4. LG, there are a couple of shots of inside the tea factory in the DVD I gave to you the other day. Remember to re-size them should you intend to use those.

  5. NK, thank you for your kind words and happy reading!Sean, will check them out and replace or add your photos in the CH posts. Next time save in thumbdrive lah. My D (=Dell) has no CD rom lei. Thanks! You are such a dear!

  6. Yeah I love the tea farm! But really hesitate to go by myself considering the narrow road at the tea farm…grrr….

  7. beautiful images, looooove the clouds and that wide angle shot =) I haven't taken landscape photos in so long…I need a vacation!Happy New Year girl!!!!!

  8. Hahaha, Casendra dear, go with your friends lah! You will love the place!BBP, glad you like the pictures. A professional telling me they are good is really an honour!Happy New Year to you too!

  9. I have never been there, but the blog has given me a very clear picture of what I like to find out, very interesting and straight forward.

  10. Thanks, PC, glad you find this post interesting and straight forward. Hope they are useful to you too!

  11. Really Gr8 ! Thanks For sharing..

  12. Anon, glad you find the sharing great. Cheers!

  13. Hey, possibly this post is not on topic but in any event, I have been browsing about your site and it looks really neat. It is easy to see I am creating a new blog and I am struggling to make it look great, and supply excellent subject matter. I have learned a lot here and I look forward to additional updates and will be returning.

  14. Anon, glad you find this blog useful for creating your new blog! All the best and happy blogging!

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