Cameron Highlands: How to get there!

We decided to have one more holiday before the end of year 2010.  This time we went into 3 cars headed north to the hills, Cameron Highlands!

After the toll, turn right at the traffic lights. 
Turn right again when you reach the next traffic lights. 
You should see this signboard on the road you just turned into.
You are at the right track if you can see this in front of you.
Watch out for cars parking along the road.
These people are there to collect “mineral water’ from the hill.
You can do the same if you have some empty bottles in your car.
There are a few “mineral water” collecting locations.
You will also find some sheds where the “orang asli” sells honey and bamboo shoots.
Of course you will find some abandoned sheds also. 
Puff!  Puff!  It will blow away!
This new road up to Cameron Highlands is wider than the old road from Tapah.
Although it is not as winding as the old road, it is still winding.
Do drive safely, okay?
Our drive took us crossing a few hills before we reach our destination.
See that hill?  We will be there soon!
There are heavy vehicles going up too. 
Be prepared to overtake them if you do not want to “eat dirt” behind them!
Just make sure you overtake at a safe spot!
Winding upwards! 
See the plants swaying? 
Do you think the wind caused it or the speed of the car did it?
Hey, a waterfall!
Why is there a wall in front of it?
What is the use of the wall?
To block a “shy” waterfall or a “naked” waterfall?
Okay!  Let’s ovetake that slow coach! 
This spot is safe! 
There is an oncoming car opposite!
If you see this, you are almost there!
Erm, sorry that dear cousin could not snap the full “Cameron” word!
She had been taking all the pictures in a moving car lah!
Believe it! 
Just before the turning into Kg Raja, we were rudely confronted by a rubbish site!
We could not wind up our windows on time to avoid the stench!
Yucks!  Yucks!  Yucks!
When you see the signboard showing right to Kg Raja, you are there!
Turn right and you are on your way to enjoy the “highland”!
Still got to drive on lei!
This is a common sight because CH is popular with its vegetation and flowers.
Eh?  This is the ruling party here meh?
Another common sight when you keep driving.
Yes, this place is rather commercial now with more shops mushrooming over the years.
Don’t think development has stopped in CH.
Can you find a crane  in this picture?
One of the many tourist attractions.
Strawberry stuffed products are found everywhere!
This is Brinchang town.
This is where you can find KFC as a landmark.
There is never short of hotels and apartments for rental whether it is Brinchang and Tanah Rata.
Told you they are still developing this place!
What is this building?
Is it a hotel, a resort or a shopping complex?
We are on the old road, further from Tanah Rata towards Ringlet, which used to be the only road up and down CH.
The road are more winding here!
Hint-hint, you should know what is my next post, right?
Find out what is there in CH, what to buy and where to eat in the next few posts!
Coming soon….

3 responses to this post.

  1. Next time you go to Cameron Highlands, try going to Lojing to see the Rafflesia flower

  2. Wow, what a beautiful drive! Love the little waterfalls along the roadside. Happy New Year to you LionGirl and may it be your best year ever! Hugs.

  3. MK, where is Lojing? Have not heard of the place. Ah, Rafflesia. I was told Gunung Brinchang got also. Gotta be next trip, pal! Thanks.Dear Dawn, Happy New Year to you n Ben too! Have a wonderful wonderful year ahead! Hugs, hugs!

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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