GFrenz: Christmas Lunch at UV’s

“Quick lei!  We are supposed to meet Woody and wife at 10am!”  Sensing we will be late, I quickly SMSed Woody to inform him we will be late.
“Darn!  Forgot to get something for UV!  You lah!  Thought you are in charge!”  That was it!  Never, never assume!  As the joke goes:  It makes an “ASS” out of “U” and “ME”!  Hahaha!  Oophs!  Sorry for the language!
We managed to grab a “char siew pau” each and ate in the car before stopping by at one of the shops to get UV a bottle of wine, tied neatly with a “X’mas” ribbon!  Sorry lah!  Rush, rush, forgot to take picture wor!
UV expected us to be at his place by 11am but we showed up only at 11.30am!  Woody lah!  Hahaha!  He took us “yau far yuan” (going around the “garden”)!  Yup!  We kept missing some turnings and what not!  Aiyah!  Blame it on our Malaysian signboard!  First signboard showed arrow to the left!  When we turned left, we turned into the petrol stations and the road took us back to the highway!  Further down, when there was a road turning left but the signboard at the Y junction showed an arrow to the right!  So, we turned right lah!  Or in other words, went straight!   Straight back to the toll!  Stupid arrows!!!!  We missed that turning!!!

The first thing that welcomed us into UV’s house was the Christmas tree on the table!  Wow!  Spectacular!  Look at those teddy bears on the piano!  Soooo cute!  See the dining table?  That was where we had our lunch, talk and laughed for the next 3 hours!
We were honoured to be served by UV, with his knife and fork all over the turkey!  Hehehe. 
“Eh!  Watch out the knife!  Don’t simply point it everywhere!”  Mrs UV alerted UV while Mrs Woody tried to get UV’s secret recipe because Woody said, “Ah, this turkey tastes very good!”

Elder cousin, who was sitting beside me, whispered to me,” Did you take the stuffings?  Very nice!  Plenty of chestnuts!”  Hey, even elder cousin said good, it must be very good!!!
Dear cousin asked across the table,”UV, I take another helping of the “lam mee” ah?  Very delicious!”  UV cooked the clear soup “lam mee”; just like the cooking style we love (the Ipoh style!)!  UV, no sambal belacan to go with your “lam mee” meh?
“Aiyah, no time lah!  Lazy to pound!”   Why lah?  Throw the chilli etc into the blender lah!
“Cannot!  Not the same!”  But better than none mah!  Haizz…
Hahaha!  So much complaints!  Wait till UV says:  LG, when are you cooking for me???  Oophs!
We were so busy catching up with each other and the food, we forgot to take pictures!  All wrapped up in cling flim in the kitchen also, Mrs UV brought them out for the photo sessions!   Ahahaha!  On top of that, missed taking photos of the chicken curry, mashed potatoes together with its gravy and the “agar-agar”!   Aisay, did someone call me a blogger? A blogger who always eat the food first before taking photos for the blog! Hahaha!
Left only 1 drumstick.  Woody wolluped one of it!
Can find the stuffings?? 
They were served separately earlier but UV said put them back where it came from wor!
Even the “lam mee” leftover look delicious, right?
Yummy, yummy!
Ah, this is a “guest star” from Mrs Woody’s oven!
Even the colourful “gift box” on the chocolate top was made by Mrs Woody!
Such a talented woman!  Lucky Woody, you better love her more!
Dear UV and Mrs UV, thank you so much for having us for lunch!  We had the most fulfilling lunch!  Thank you, thank you.  Dear Mr and Mrs Woody, thank you for being our navigator!  It is always fun to be in your company!  As my SMS said,” We reach there together or we get lost together!  Hahaha!”
How was your Christmas lunch???

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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