Christmas Eve’s 21st Birthday!

Our good friend’s son had his 21st birthday on Christmas Eve and we were invited to join in the celebration. It was buffet dinner served at the garden of their house. Rented tent fixed with lights and fan erected in their front porch, which fitted in 5 big round tables for 10, on that night. It rain earlier that evening and it helped cool the air for the function.
A BBQ pit was set up for the chicken wings, specially marinated with lots of love and patience by the elder brother for his younger brother’s night. The perfectly BBQ chicken wings complimented very well with beer and liquor! This dish was a true example of what money cannot buy!
“Hey! I have seen you before!” exclaimed one of our good friend’s friend. We met her and her gang when our good friend celebrated his birthday on 20.07.2007 to mark the historical date that comes once in any lifetime! It was wonderful to see them again because they are really a jolly lot! We stuck to each other on the same table that night because there were only two age groups at the party; the “young” and the “old”! Hahaha!
The night started out with casual rounds of buffet serving with “leong fun” or lime juice. Next, entered the cans of Tigers and a 2L bottle of Chivas Regal whisky on the rock! Then the chicken wings started “flying” on the table before the glasses, big and small, knocked each other to bottoms up! Cheers! Yum Seng! Laughter! Laughter!
In the midst of all the joy, I managed to steal some private moments with my good friend. Say, friend, your youngest son is already 21, when are you going to retire?
“Not yet, not yet. He still needs one year to complete his college. I want him to venture into the employment world for at least 2 years before giving me his decision if he wants to take over the family business.
If he says “Yes”, I need to guide him for at least another 2 years. If he says “No”, I will then decide if I want to bundle the business to sell or to wind up.
I’ll say another five years, maybe.”
My good friend is already 57 years old now; still going strong and enjoying life with his lovely dear wife. Retiring in another 5 years, at least? He would be 62 then. I would say it is very wise planning. After all, as he had written in his FaceBook, “My 3 “little stars” have evolved to become 3 “super stars””. It is about time he should go slow, rest and relax while enjoying the fruit of his and dear lovely wife’s labour of love.
I always enjoy watching this family as I have not seen another family as closely knit as they are. Not only do they practise the good old Chinese culture of respect and manners, they also practise the Western culture of expressing their love and care for each other. I find them very pleasant people to spend time with (with the exception of our friend’s smoking habit, ahem!). To me, they are an exemplary family.
It is amazing to watch family cycles. While some parents release their children at very young age, some prepare them to their working life while others never planned to let their children go!
What is your view; as a child or as a parent?

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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