GFrenz: Anniversary cum Christmas Celebration!

It is the time of the year when Santa Claus is making a list and checking it twice, gonna find out who’s naughty and nice! Santa Claus is coming to town!
No, I am not a Christian but I love the Christmas spirit! The joy of sharing and caring, the joy of giving and receiving and the joy of friends and family spending memorable times together.

When I saw those Christmas ornaments on sale during one of my shopping spree, I could not resist buying some even though I do not have a Christmas tree. Hmm, where to hang them lah? How about those dry branches we got for Chinese New Year? Yup, they are still standing in the vase from the day we bought them for Chinese New Year early this year. Hahaha!  Pretty, ain’t it?
Then, Woody, one of GFrenz members had to post “Busy but Enjoyable Countdown to A Glittering Christmas” in the Star Online Citizen Blog showing off his decorated Christmas tree!  Urghh, so jealous!  Look at it!  It is indeed a glittering Christmas tree!  All its ornaments were made from recycled items!  Tambah (More) envy!
I commented:
Wah! So beautiful! Can’t wait to see the real thing!
Woody replied:
yo LG, hope you remembered my invitation to you for this weekend, just show up and you will see it in real.
Naughty asneoh, another GFrenz had to add:
LionGirl , better be specific , Can’t wait to see which real thing ? or else you will be flashed the wrong thing afterwards , hehehe, LOL .
Jubao (CB blogger) added:
Aiyo asneoh, I tot of asking LG the same question too.. kah..kah..kah…
Even my editor, UV, could not help but commented:

LG is making this type of errors ever so often! Maybe it was intensional, maybe not!

Hahahaha!  Look how an innocent statement ended up with those naughty remarks!

When the fruitful evening came, dear cousin and I went to Woody’s place to see the “real” thing!  We reached there about 6pm.  Of course that was not the only reason we were there!  We were lured there by Woody’s wife specially prepared food for those who can attend!  Hehe.. those who did not or could not attend the GFrenz anniversary that evening, read on to find out what you missed!


The starter:  Baked potato skin with bacon.

A must have for Woody:  (Raisin and cashew nut fried) rice.

On the spot cooked:  Dry fried prawns
Saving the best for last:  Cheese baked chicken wing!
Yummy, yummy! 
I had two wings!  Does that mean I can fly???
All the delicious food were served hot from the oven, pot or pan!
We could actually feel the love from the food dear Mrs Woody prepared!
She simply enjoyed cooking while we (otyew, woody, dear cousin and I) sat at the dining table having our conversations, with her joining in ocassionally, from the kitchen!
She is such a darling!  Right, Woody?
The moment you see beer, the Chairman has arrived (at 9.30pm)!
What was that?  That was his Mau Mau (Tiger mixed with Guiness). 
He said the right ratio is 2 Tiger: 1 Guiness
 Wah!  We had white wine too, with blueberries wor, after we had red wine!
Hehe, that was blueberries in Sparkling for Woody and I lah!  Higs!
Minum gila!  Cling!  Yum Seng!
Before we started the Christmas present exchange game, we made another toast for GFrenz!
Hehehe… you think it is so easy to get the present ah?!
You should see Woody stratching his head! 
Over and over again, before he finally completed his task!
Eh, we give decent presents one, okay?!
Was the night over after the exchange of Christmas presents?  Of course not!  We actually stayed till 3 am before we bid goodbye and Good Morning!  Mr and Mrs Woody were all ready to have us sleep over at their place!  Aiyoh, how did we end up going separate ways so “early”? 
“Ng sei tuck”!  Everyone was enjoying each other’s company so much with conversations after conversations  criss crossing across the table that nobody felt it was right to leave (except otyew at 9pm because he had to attend to some matters)!  There was so much to share!  There was so much to catch up!  There was so much to know about one another!  It was such a memorable night or should I say morning!
Thank you dear Mr and Mrs Woody for your warm hospitality.  Especially Mrs Woody for the wonderful dinner, including the lovely cup cakes.  Glad to see you again, otyew!  All the best to your new house!  Happy for you dear Chairman, NGH, that your project has finally completed!  Finally, missed the rest of you who could not make it for this ocassion!  Haizz, if only everyone stays next door to each other….
Till we meet again, dear GFrenz and everyone reading this:
Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and an extremely Happy New Year!!!
Have a joyous holiday!!!

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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