Sabah: Food – Shops n Stalls

The moment we touched ground at Kota Kinabalu, it was already noon!  Yes!  That means lunch time!  
We told Paul, our driver, to take us to any coffee shop for some good local food!
Paul took us to Kedai Kopi Kon Dung Chai, which is located at Ira Manis off Lintas Highway 
but their name card showed the address as
Taman Bunga Raya Shopping Complex, Jalan Bunga Ulam Raja, Inaram. 
You can call Nancy Cheah at 019-8808320 / 012-8333368 for more information.
They are popular for their roast pork and duck and I ordered their curry duck noodle.
I have never tasted such tender duck meat before and their curry was aromatic with lemongrass.
Slurp! Slurp!  Eh, very tasty lah!
RM6.50 per bowl. 
Errm, we are in East Malaysia lah.  Everything is more expensive here.
This is “3 Colour Tea”.
Let me explain;
black colour = “leong fun” or grass jelly
white colour = milk
brown = tea
(sorry lah, already stirred it before taking picture!)
This glass of tea was the best glass of tea for our whole Sabah trip!
Everyone was satisfied with this place as far as price and cleanliness were concerned.
After all, we were there to bath and sleep only. 
Room rates did not include breakfast. 
Why?  Because they said we could just walk out and find food!
How true! 
The next morning, we walked out of the hotel entrance, took a left turn and found this Food Centre.
The hotel’s receptionist told us that this shop has better varieties.
Sabah is famous for their pork noodles?
Let’s try it!
Honestly, pork meat in Sabah are really tender and do not have any “porky” smell.
Paul told us he would bring us to a popular pork noodle shop; Kedai Kopi Jia Siang.
Let’s put it this way, if the noodles were no good, we would not walloped the bowls clean clean!
I liked their rice noodle (kuay teow) which were really smooth and tasty but my real love was their chilly sauce!
We went to through the entrance of Kedai Kopi Tai Meng to go to
Kedai Kopi Fook Yuen at A3 Ground Floor, Phase 4 Damai Plaza.
(Telephone No: 088-232794)
I never expected to find such fine toast, coffee and tea in Sabah.
Really, what a pleasant surprise indeed!
Their Hainanese loaf was so good (smooth, soft, fine texture and aromatic) that we bought a loaf to fly back to KL with us!  No joke!
Not forgetting their kaya in plastic containers; we bought two containers back to KL too!  No regrets!  One of the more traditional made kaya one can get!
Their coffee quality was as good as Ipoh’s and their tea was as good as the “3 Colour Tea” we had at Kedai Kopi Kon Dung Chai.  “Satu lagi”  (One more please)!  For those who are not in favour of coffee or tea, you must try their soya bean!   Freshly made daily!  Fragrance of soya bean still lingers in the bottle one lei!
Another amazing thing about this place was their money collection system.
Order, order, order, eat, eat, eat then only go to the counter and tell them what you had and they will tell you how much to pay!
Wow!  Based on trust!  Sabah people must be very honest people!
If you are not able to find a seat at their stall and need to sit somewhere else, you may need to take away to eat at where you sit.  Haizz, why can’t they be generous and allow everyone to sit anywhere!  Why draw territories lah?
We finally tasted Tuaran Mee (someone told us we must eat it if we are in Sabah) which was sold in the shop next to Kedai Kopi Fook Yuen. 
The real thing looked so miserable compared to the picture, right?  Hahaha!
This noodle is similar to Cantonese fried except it is dry with no gravy.  Why does it taste so good?  Because of their (non smelly) pork meat and their noodle which tastes like sang mee or yee mee.
Simply delicious!  Now I am telling you that you should have it when you are in Sabah!
You know?  None of the above places were in our itinerary.  We are grateful to Paul, our driver, who took us to all the above (except the Food Centre88 near Cititel).  Thank you, Paul, thank you.
Have you tasted any of the above?

4 responses to this post.

  1. Hi this is very interesting to read ur article. I am planning to go KK this coming Raya with my family. Have not decide to join the ground trip on go by own. Mind to recommend ur driver cum tour leader, Paul to me ?? Thanks in advance

  2. Hello sister, you mean you did not eat the glorious sea fish at all., hoi-tai-kai, so-mei, chat-sing-parn, and sea cucumber ? Pork you can eat anywhere in semenanjung ma! Did you drink any Lihing [rice wine]?Dear Eunice, if this is your 1st trip, better have a good guide with a reliable car/van or 4WD [if you plan to go to the interior like Tambunan and Kundasan].

  3. Eunice, we got Paul through Mr Wu, His contact number is 012-8223965. Mr Wu is the boss who owns the vehicles. The van Paul was driving was new and comfortable then. Wouldn't know if it is still the same condition. Paul was only the driver, he was not the guide. Dear cousin did a lot of homework and had the whole list of places to visit etc with us which we discussed with Paul and he tried to accommodate us. (Note: Paul is not a trained guide to plan travel itinerary.) I would suggest you do the same so that you are in control of your time and places of interest. Feel free to check out all the Sabah posts here before deciding the places you like to go. I do not mind advising your draft itinerary, if you have one. Cheers! Have fun! Have a wonderful trip!

  4. TFL, if you read all the Sabah posts here, you will know that we had eaten most and drank the Lihing you'd mentioned!! Why we had pork? Because the pork here was tastier lah! Honest! Bro, maybe we should have a trip with you there one day so that you could take us to places and more glorious food! A GFrenz get-together??? What say you??!

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