Sabah: Food – Gayang Seafood v. New Luyang

Everyone kept telling us that we must have seafood in Sabah!  They are the best!  Poor Paul, our driver, was haunted with the word “seafood” the moment we stepped into his vehicle. 
“We want to go to Gayang Seafood Restaurant for our seafood experience, okay?” 
Why Gayang Seafood?  Because it was highly recommended by some friends.  They said they are fast, good and cheap!  Paul said it is a popular tourist restaurant.
Yeah, we are going to have our seafood galore!
Fresh seafood alright!  They are still swimming one!
Of course you can make your pick! 
Erm, I want the fat one!

Aiyoh, even vegetables and mushrooms are displayed!
Why?  You don’t know how a broccoli look like meh?
Dear nephew took these two shots. 
I should say these pictures look better than the real thing.
When we wash our hands at the basin, the water flows direct into the river (or is it the sea?).
With our naked eyes, we can only see darkness in front of us instead of what was captured by dear nephew’s camera.  Look at the picture on the right! 
Let’s look at what we had:
7 Star Grouper (Paul says it is the top fish in Sabah), 1.2kg = RM180
extremely fresh and big chunk of meat
Tiger Shrimps, 1 kg = RM50
not too big in size, fresh and sweet since they were steamed
“Cekur Manis” Vegy = RM30
ordinary vegy we made soup or eat with Pan Mee in KL, fried with eggs which we have never tried before
Mangrove Crab, 1 kg = RM35
small size, not meaty because it was supposed to have plenty of roe
Eel = RM42
this was a disappointment, I was told.  
FYI:  I do not eat eels.  Yikes!
Total Bill (inclusive rice and taxes) = RM366.12
As far as the seafood was concerned, they were really fresh!
As fas as price was concerned, I shall let you do the comparison.
The next day, Paul recommended us to go to a local favourite restaurant after we cried foul with Gayang’s experience.
This New Luyang Restaurant is located at No.1, Luyang Phase 1, Jalan Kolam, 88300 KK, Sabah.
Telephone: 088-252431
We had:
Lokan cooked with spring onions
– cooked the Chinese style brought out the sweetness of the meat
Yam Pork Belly
– very aromatic and the yam was the “powdery” type, simply yummy!
Sabah “Cekur Manis” Vegy
– this was the only meal we had this vegy; young shots and cooked just right with the spicy sambal belacan!
Black Pepper Lamb
– we ordered this because we find most restaurant serves lamb. 
No regret!  The meat was tender and just cooked with black pepper!  Extra rice please!
Salted Fish Pork Belly
– they used Tenggiri salted fish; the best salted fish I have tasted so far.  Unforgettable!
Salted Egg Crab.
– we had the meat crab, bigger and tastier than the Mangrove crabs
Total bill (inclusive 2 bottles of “Qing Dao” China beer) RM154
To be honest, we had a hearty meal!  Big portions and simply delicious!  And cheaper too!
Of course some of you may say there was no 7 Star Grouper, that’s why!
Whatever, to me, this meal was better than Gayang’s.
Note:  When order “cekur manis“, do insist on Sabah “cekur manis” or Sabah “shu chai choy”.  They are different!  Look at the two plates of vegetables from both restaurant.  The ones from Luyang are better in texture and taste.  Best if cooked “sambal belacan” style.
Sapu, sapu, clean, clean!
When we reached this place, we were one of the earliest there.
We did suspect Paul’s choice of the place, but this picture proved he was right.
This place was crowded with locals by the time we finished our dinner.
Highly recommended by locals to tourists, okay?
Thumbs up!

Morale of this post:
One need not always go to popular tourist places to get the best when some local eateries serve better quality food at cheaper prices.  Always check it out with the locals.  They are always willing to share their favourite places which they would feast or hang out to have good times or good food!

What are you opinion about seafood restaurants?

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