Sabah: Gayo Ngaran? Mount Kinabalu? (2)

If you have been waiting for dear nephew’s Nikon shots of the road to Kundasang and the mountain, this is it!  I am sure you will agree that his pictures’ quality are much sharper!  Now, sit back and enjoy the different perseptive of viewing our common admiration of Mount Kinabalu!
Some views on our road up to Kundasang.
We noticed there are many church signboards and were told that majority of the people here are Christians.
The night views of Mount Kinabalu captured from the balcony of where we stayed.
Even our naked eyes cannot see some details captured by his camera!
Dear nephew said the last 3 photos are heavily processed photos.
Can you spot trails of meteor or comet???
Yes, from sunrise on the mountain to the formation of the clouds over the Low’s Peak!
Have you ever seen such beautiful clear skies?
Some short cuts our driver, Paul, made as we travelled from one place to another.
Simply back to the nature!
Sceneries of their hilly townships. 
 The last stop was at Nabalu’s park overseeing the mountain! 
Dear nephew managed to capture two waterfalls of Mount Kinabalu in one of the pictures above!
Can you see them?
On our way down, back to KK, we can still see mountains whether we turned right or left of the road.  While  some of us try not to miss a wink of the mountain, some fell asleep during the journey. 
Haizz, sleepy heads, you don’t know what you are missing lei!
After seeing dear nephew’s pictures, I must agree that we should carry a better quality camera if we want better quality pictures.  It is a matter of considering carrying a bulky camera or a compact water proof camera, right?  As far as I am concerned, I am happy with my Pentax but without dear nephew’s photography back up, you may not be able to enjoy some of the beautiful shots of the whole trip!  I must really thank you, dear nephew!  Thank you!
What would be your choice of camera?
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Have a Happy Day! ;D

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