Sabah: Kinabalu Park

The ticket we paid to enter the Poring Hot Spring complimented the entry into the Kinabalu Park!  In other words, keep the ticket!  If lost, must buy another ticket to get into the park’s Natural History Gallery and its botanical garden, respectively!  If I am not mistaken, it is valid on the same day and vice versa if you go to the Park first.  Read your ticket or ask the counter girls to confirm.

Sad, we did not allocate at least half a day for this place!  If we did, we could have time for the botanical garden guided walk scheduled at 11am (Monday to Saturday).  Since we reach this place late, we only manage to get into the gallery.  Did not even have time to read all the information displayed.  Of course, some stuff are really ancient but it is a history gallery mah!  What else to expect?


Learn more about Mount Kinabalu from this “A Short Brief”?!
“A Short Brief”?
Correct ke?
If you are serious about climbing Mount Kinabalu, check out the distance, from this board!
Looking at the board alone is already so “far”! 
Climbing up the real thing must be extremely far!!!  Phew!
Look at the “results” board!
Men Veteran from Malaysia (1st place) able to climb to the peak in 3 hours 1 min 57 sec?!
You gotta be kidding!
I read somewhere that fit climbers normally take 2 days to complete the climb! 
Sure those people, listed on the board, are earthlings?  Woah!
What is this?
This safe can only be opened on 1st October 2020???
Ah!  This explains what that safe is all about!
Hmm, just wondering what are the “priceless” treasures inside the safe…
Must wait until 2020?  Another 10 years?
Who knows what will happen in another 10 years, right?
Ah, Rafflesia!  Don’t be fooled with this picture!
This was not the real thing we saw. 
We refused to pay RM20 per person (to a local farmer) to see the real plant, so got to make do with this picture of a picture!
Looks real, huh?
Dear nephew’s work of photography!
Hey, what is this guy doing with that “olive” looking fruit??
Is he trying to light it up??

Eh!  The fruit really lighted up!
This “fire lighted” fruit is known as “kerosene” fruit. 
You can find this at the Kinabalu Park!
We were told that the native people here used this fruit for fire before kerosene was introduced!
True ke?
You will be fined heavily if you are caught plucking this “protected” fruit!
I wonder if you will still be fined if you pick it up from the ground. 
It must drop off the tree anyhow (somehow), right?  Hehe.
If we drive up this road, we will reach the foot where the climb starts!
Ahem!  No entry for vehicles without permit!
After visiting and viewing the mountain, I suddenly have the urge to conquer it!
Must find more information first, right?
I was told:
1) “You must have at least 6 months intensive training.”
2) “Do not climb if you are suffering from or have a history of the following ailments:-
Heart disease,
chronic asthma,
peptic ulcer,
severe anemia,
epileptic fits,
palpitation, hepatitis (jaundice),
muscular cramps, obesity (over weight) and
any other sickness that may be triggered by severe cold exertion and high altitude!”
3) “Book your accommodation, mountain guide (rate for 2 days) and porter (rate for minimum 10kg) 6 months ahead.  There are also permit fee, insurance fee, conservation fee to take care of”
For more information, you can call the Kinabalu Park’s Operation Room at  088-889095/ 088-889099 or fax 088-889068
As far as accommodation is concerned, only Sutera Sanctuary Lodges‘ office is located at the park.  Their bed rate at the park is as low as RM100 per pax, inclusive of breakfast and the bed rate at Laban Rata (which is the place to stay before climbing to Low’s Peak to see sunrise) is as low as RM290 per pax, inclusive of prepacked lunch, dinner, early supper and breakfast and lunch at Laban Rata.
Now, am I ready to climb the summit with the above information?   Of course not!  I must start training first!  Must be physical ready, right?  I overheard someone saying that every year someone dies climbing the summit!  Hence, I do not want to be one of them.  Neither do I want to be one who cannot even reach Laban Rata!  Hehe.
Advices from to Monyet King:
Book your accomodation at Laban Rata quickly.

You need to book early – often 6 months ahead of time.
The rest house at Laban Rata has rooms and dormitories (ranging from 2 to 8 persons per room).
Even at Laban Rata there are a few other places to stay – but make sure you stay at the main Laban Rata resthouse.
It is the most comfortable, heated and all the meals are served there.
The most important thing is to book your accomodation at Laban Rata quickly.
Two choices – you can either book directly with Sutera Sanctuary Lodges or
go through any travel agent in KK.
The first one cheaper but often a lot of hassle.
Going through a travel agent is more expensive but easier to get a place.Sutera only handles accomodation (and meals at Laban Rata).
A note of caution about Sutera.
Sutera often will try to get you to stay at their place in Kundasang as well (the night before the climb).
Tell them you only want accomodation at Laban Rata for one night. The one night stay will be packaged with several meals.

We collect our climbing permits/pass on evening before and spend the night at any hotel/lodge at Kundasang. We have to apply for the climbing permit at the Kinabalu Park HQ one day before the climb.

We will start hiking early (usually by 7.30 a.m.). We spend the night at Laban Rata and start the summit climb early next morining. We should reach back on the foot of the hill at about 5 pm on the same day.

Flights and transport from KK very easy – no need to worry now.

About fitness, you have to be reasonably fit – no need to be super fit. My group’s strategy every year is to go as slowly as possible. [enjoy the journey, mah]. Our group is often the last to reach the summit – which is good because you have the peak all for yourself. As along as you go slowly, there will be no problem. But…the fitter you are, the better will you enjoy the journey.

All the other things can sort out later.

  • Guides are assigned when you apply the climbing permit. It is minimum of 1 guide for every six persons .
  • Porters – there will be many of them hanging around the Kinabalu Park HQ. The guide will often help find the porters for you.

(Read all about Climbing Mount Kinabalu here!)


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