Sabah: Gayo Ngaran? Mount Kinabalu? (1)

I tell you ah, if you see what I saw you would also snap, snap, snap none stop!  Make sure your memory card can support your enthusiastic finger!  The pictures posted here today are only one fraction of what was snapped!  I am very sure you wish you were there with me!  Hehe.

These sunrise on the mountain pictures were taken at 5.40am.
The moment we saw the sun peeping on the mountain, we got really excited!
psst.. somebody, wearing pyjamas, was very busy taking pictures lei!

While everyone was busy focusing on the mountain, I looked at the opposite direction and snapped the above pictures!
You know, I learnt to love the colours of the sky in this trip!
I was re-introduced to beautiful “Violet”, a colour I never liked before!
These wide angle mountain shots, taken by dear cousin, were extraordinary!
They reflected the majestic mountain at one glance!
Take a deep breath!  If you can smell fresh air, you are where the pictures are!  Bravo!
Now, sit back and scroll down to enjoy the mountains (in different angles at different time of the morning and the gradual clouds formation)  from where you are! 
Imagine the pictures at least 100 times in front of you!
This is dear nephew in action! 
See the clouds gathering at Mount Kinabalu in the background?
Nope!  I didn’t mind them covering the mountain at all.
Kind of making the mountain more mystical, right?
Look out for dear nephew’s shots of the mountain with his beloved Nikon!
Different people look at the mountain at different angles. 
Just awesome!
Coming soon!!

We did not get enough of the mountain by spending only one night there.
Hence, we concluded that we will be back!
Don’t you wish you were there too???

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Have a Happy Day! ;D

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