Kedai Makanan Yut Kee

Okay!  Where do you want to go for lunch?  How about Yut Kee?  Since we are in the vicinity (Yut Kee is at a corner shop lot, opposite of  Campbell Plaza, KL)?  Okay, let’s go!

We used to be a regular to this place but it  has been a while since we last visited it!
Why?  Nah!  You wouldn’t want to know all my reasons or excuses!
Anyway, it felt good to be “back”!
This place is still the same; it still has the same tables and chairs, same cashier counter, same cake display cupboard, same photos and posters, same signboards and same menu! 
Oh!  There is something new!  The staff now wears green T-shirt!
As usual, the place was crowded during lunch time!

We ordered the usual; a cup of Kopi-O (coffee with sugar only) and a cup of Kopi-Si (coffee with sugar and evaporated milk).  Hmmm, they still taste so good! 
We ordered their evergreen and popular items of all times;
Hainanese chicken chop, Hokkien fried mee and Lum Mee(hoon)!
Another item that we cannot missed was their sambal belacan! 
You cannot have the noodles, or even the chicken chop, without a few plates of their sambal belacan! 
Yum, yum, yum!
What are those? 
They are half a piece of kaya swiss roll and half a piece of marble cake!  Hahaha!
I almost forgotten to take this photo!
Was too busy enjoying my food! Hehe.
Somehow we managed to find a little space for the above.
I always love their marble cake more but cannot missed their kaya swiss roll for dessert!
It was better to share half of each than eating just either one of them, right?
We even bought home half a roll of the kaya swiss roll for tea time!
It was fresh from the oven when they packed it!
Ah! This is their new item – roast pork and a pot of gravy complimenting it!
Look at the staff busy packing a take away order!
Young owner said this item is only sold on certain weekdays (or is it weekend?) and during special festive seasons.  One can place an order too, he says!

You will never be disappointed with the food and beverage quality here.
After my long absence, I come back and still find the same taste I used to love!
My favourite is their Lum Mee(hoon), different from the thick black gravy type, is still second to none in KL. 
You have to taste it to know if you will love it as much as I.  Erm, must remember to eat it with the sambal belacan!



Have a Happy Day! ;D

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