Sabah: "Tagal" Sg Moroli, Kuala Luanti Baru, Ranau

After checking out from Kinabalu Pines Resort, Paul (our driver) asked us if we wanted to go for a fish massage at a river.  “Fish Spa ke?  Those small fishes, like anchovies, in a tub for us to dip our legs into for them to eat our dead skin one ah?”
But Paul said river lah, not tub mah!  Since we are here, jom!  Let’s go!
This is the place!
We got down from our vehicle to buy the tickets here.
We thought this is where the fishes are but Paul asked us get back into the vehicle as the river is a little further in from where we were.
Winner – Malaysia River Care Award 2006!
I told this lady that she is very pretty, asked if I can take her photo and immediately she smiled for the camera!
Aiyah, I should tell more people they are pretty / handsome so that my blog has more pleasant looking faces, ya?
Anyway, please pass the entrance tickets to her.
No joke!  It IS a river! 
Hey, no divider or fence to trap any fishes! 
Sure there are fishes here ke?
Hey!  What are you people looking at lah?
Aiyoh!  Look at the fishes!  They are big fishes lah!  Who said anchovies in the tub??
Guess they love the smell of feet! 
Dipped in for awhile and a school of fish already surrounding my poor feet!
Dear nephew asked,” Why should we pay the entrance fees wor? 
They should pay us instead lah because we are feeding their fishes lei!”
Yah ah?!
We bought fish pellets for RM1 to feed the fishes.  We thought we needed to lure the fishes to us!  But no!  We had to use the pellets to send the fishes away!
Before you get into the water, carry a plastic chair with you so that you can sit on it while enjoying the “massage”.  The chairs are either on the river bank, left by other patrons, or at the bottom of the staircase leading to the river.
Got big fish!  Got small fish!  Aiyak!
These fishes got teeth one lah!
Eh!  Pain lah!  Eh!  Ticklish lah!  Eh!  Hahahaha!
I wonder why they call this a “fish massage” or even “fish spa” for the matter.  They should call this “fish bites” instead!  Hehe.
Look!  Look!  The smaller fishes are the culprits!
They really went around the foot and nibbled away the dead skin!
Eh!  Geli lah!  Hahahaha!  Stop it!  Hahahaha!
Did I see some pictures of some people dipping their whole body into the river?
Gee, I would die of laughing!!!  So ticklish lei!!!
Hahahaha!  Leave my feet alone!
Where got so much dead skin??!
Shoo fish!  Shoo!
“Er, are these fishes one of the species in restaurants menu ah?”
Upon hearing the question, Paul told us that they are protected by the state Government.  Anyone caught fishing them will be jailed and fined!  So, don’t try your luck, okay!
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