JOGOYA – Eat till you drop!

Almost every end of the year, friends and family would make an effort to meet and dine, or should I say feast, for one more time before the new year arrives.  This year is no exception.  One of our power-lady friend found a great “eat” deal at Jogoya Japanese Buffet Restaurant and SMSed to all of us to fix the time and date.  When the day came, which was on a weekday, everyone jammed their way from Cheras, PJ and Bangsar to get to KL for dinner at 8pm.
“You know how to get your way to Starhill?” the organiser SMSed me.  Arrogantly I replied, “Of course!”  Haizz.. why didn’t I ask for more information?  When I got to the front of Ritz-Carlton, Kuala Lumpur, I was lost.  Aiyah, I better call someone for directions into Starhill Gallery carpark before someone get out from one of those cars behind me to bash me up for stalling in the middle of two lanes, indecisive whether to turn left or go straight!
“Drive to KL Plaza, turn left at the end of it and drive to the back of the buildings.  You can see Starhill Gallery carpark signboards then.  Everyone is here now.  See you!”
When I asked her which floor is the restaurant, she said “Relish”.  Huh?
I was still puzzled, until I got into the lift. 
See the lift buttons?  It says: Feast, Indulge, Adorn, Explore, Pamper and Relish!
Aye, why can’t it just do what the rest of the other buildings do? 
Use lah GF, 1F, 2F, etc!  So confusing! 
What if I am illiterate; don’t know how to read the words? 
All words also got 5 to 6 alphabets!  How to differentiate??!
Finally arrived! 
We did our usual hug-hug routine before being led to our table by the waiter.
Yup! The great “eat” deal was we, ladies, get to eat at 50% Off the usual price
in celebration of their 5th Anniversary!
This promotion is until 15th December 2010!
All day for Mondays to Thursdays and
for Lunch only on Fridays!

Can you read the last line? 
It says “Dining time is limit to 2 hours only”!
Just when we grumbled about having only 2 hours to eat, we were told that we could eat till 11pm!
Okay lah!  We have almost 3 hours to eat till we drop!

Check out the price! 
Dinner is priced at RM88++  per person.
At 50% discount, we still have to pay above RM50 per person!

This is the most interesting signboard found in front of the restaurant.
I wonder how many people actually read it!
Very useful advices indeed, right?
As usual, the plates were cleaned!
We learnt to take food for ourselves only!
I learnt to share my food:
Yes, I eat half you eat half, ah?
Like that we can eat more mah!  Hehe.
I only took picture of my favourites!
Top left:
The coconuts, found near at the Baskin Robbins counter, were sweet, cold and refreshing!
I had three of them for the night!
Top right:
You must really try their Japanese “mochi” whatever flavours!  Also near the Baskin Robbins counter.
They were smooth and soft; leaving an unforgetable texture and taste in your mouth!
Bottom left:
Look out for the oysters! 
No pictures because they were hijacked faster than my finger can click on the camera!
So, must make do with the scallops picture lor.  Hahaha!
Bottom right:
This jelly (with wolfberries) was my all night’s favourite!
Get them near the sushi counters!
There were abundance of food varieties there!
Not everything tastes good, okay?
I would say their sushi and desserts are the best!

I know the above signage is common in all parking lots but do you take time to read it?
If you have not, please read it now because they are very educational pointers for you to follow, especially the last point “If necessary Shout For Help”!
Even if not written here, you will also do it, right? Hehe.

Another signage, which most of the car owners should check, is where the autopay stations are and to make the payment before exit.  Haiyah, how many times one has to drive all the way to the exit to find he or she has to reverse to find an autopay station to pay lah!
Good habit always pays!  Reading signboards is one good habit one is encouraged to have at all times!
Happy signboard reading!
Let me do a simple arithmetic with you:
RM50 (for easy calculation) x 7 pax
= RM350 spent on the night for this buffet.
If we spend the same amount for a 9 – 10 course dinner (which include dishes such as fish, prawn, chicken, vegetables etc)  in a Chinese restaurant, we could have
1) the comfort of a private room with karaoke (and even mahjong set),
2) seated and be served by a few waiters/ waitress,
3) have good conversations at the table with our friends. 
Hence, no matter how many varieties of food are being served in any buffet, I believe, there is only so much we could eat and only so much we would eat.  Eating a little of everything is not healthy to our stomach and eating too much, to make our money worthwhile, is not very wise at all. 
If I have to pay RM100 per person, if there were no discount, I would rather go for a splendid seafood galore than waste it here for the buffet!  No joke!  7 pax means RM700!  Put on your thinking cap! 
You agree with me???

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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