Never judge a book by its cover!

We went to pick up “old” cousin sister (he-he, don’t let her know I call her that) from Ampang Park’s LRT station. Dear cousin came back to the car and noticed that the front tyre at the front passenger seat was flat. There are only departmental stores and hotels in the vicinity and there are no workshops around here. How?
Dear cousin tried to get some guys to assist but was told that they do not know how to do it. Aiyah, looks like, we ladies, must be independent! Dear cousin decided to do it while big cousin and I stood and squatted to watch, respectively.
Do you know that to open the nuts, you have to go anti-clockwise while to tighten them is clockwise? Do you know that you should loosen the nuts first before you jack up the car? Gee, I did not know that dear cousin knows! I am so proud of her!
Just when she had taken out all the nuts, two guys approached us to ask if we needed help. We hesitated for a while but the guys insisted it was okay and went straight to dirty their hands. One guy carried the punctured tyre to place it in the booth while the other fixed in the spare tyre.
When changing the tyre was almost completed, the guy standing around advised us that we should not exceed 80 km/hr while driving with the spare tyre. We thanked him for the information before thanking and bidding goodbye to the two guys who had helped us.
Guess what? Those two guys are Iranians while the other guy is a Malaysian. This Malaysian guy was standing and watching dear cousin changing tyres did not offer to lend a hand and gave the advice only after everything was done!

Many Malaysians just walked by, looked and continued with their life while these two foreigners came forward and extended their help. Haizz… talks about helping fellow Malaysians!

No, I should say talk about a male helping a female! Or about the stronger gender helping the weaker gender? Aye, what is there to talk? In today’s world is there no longer fellow human who is kind enough to help each other? There were too many people being robbed or taken advantage of because of their sympathetic nature. Maybe those people were worried that the three ladies (my big cousin, dear cousin and I) were crooks! But do we look like one lah??!
I do not blame those people because in today’s society there is no way of judging if a person is good or bad! Even an innocent looking kid could not be as innocent as he or she looks! Hence, it is very true to say: Never judge a book by its cover; including our faces!
Have you been “misjudged” before?
Quote of the Day:
“We judge others by their behavior. We judge ourselves by our intentions.”

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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