Sabah: Journey to Kundasang

Look at the sign! 
Don’t be bothered how far we need to travel; we are going there, anyway!

It was a long winding road going up. 
There was a small section of the road which showed signs of erosion.
The tar road cracked and sunk about one feet for about twenty five feet distance.
I was praying hard for a safe trip to and fro this journey!
The road became foggy as we drove higher.
It started to rain and the weather turned cooling.  Nice…
On the way, we stopped by at the Nabalu town to shop for souvenirs and handicrafts.
I bought a T-shirt for RM25 when the price tagged at RM38.
Dear cousin bought hers later at RM21 and our driver, Paul, told us that we should bargain it to RM15!
Aiyah!  Should have asked his advice earlier!
There were fruit stalls near the Gerai Pekan Nabalu and Paul told us about this fruit, Tampoi.
Only RM2 per big bag (more than 15 fruits)
It has orange skin and when you break it (like how you break a mangosteen), the fruit looks like the mangosteen fruit!  They taste sweet but “fleshless” – it has very thin flesh wrapping around its seed.
Paul said we should swallow the seeds!
We passed by the Mount Kinabalu HeadQuarters, where one would register when they want to climb Mount Kinabalu.  Just opposite of it, there is a stall where we stopped for a break.
We checked with someone who was leaving the place if the food there was good.
She said,” Got wok “hei” (wok power or fire)!”
She said that their fried rice and fried kuey teow were good and tasty!
And she was telling the whole truth, nothing but the truth!  Yummy!

As we kept driving towards our destination, the hills kept taking our breath away.
Did someone say:  Aye, this place is just like Cameron Highlands?
Hah?!  Wait till you are there!  You will no longer say this is just like Cameron Highlands!
By the time we reached the fruit stalls, it was raining cats and dogs!
As usual, we could not resist getting down to spy a little!  And buy a little…
Must buy their roasted red skin peanuts in plastic bags for RM5 each!
But watch out for “bad” nuts!
We spotted the stall owner setting fire in her stall!
In fact, every stall had one stove burning in it!  To keep them warm!  Cold mah!
Why are they not worry they could accidently burn down their wooden sheds? 
So dangerous!
Another unforgetable mist and the mountain scenery, right?
This picture taken on a moving vehicle.  Not bad, ah!
Before checking into our hotel for the night, Paul drove us to the nearest supermarket to buy snacks and beer.  Some of us may not be able to sleep if cannot have some bites before sleep, right?  Not me lah!  Hehe…
Wah!  The people here can really drink!  So many choices of liquor!
There are many local brands of liquor in fancy packagings!
Some are too “cheap” to know if they are “safe” to drink!
Don’t be surprised that those liquors have high % of alcohol!
Of course we only buy what we know!
Guess what this is! 
We got it at RM8 per bottle!
It is actually rice wine with high alcohol content!
It tastes a little sweet like the Chinese rice wine!
Be careful!  Even a regular drinker can get drunk with it!
Don’t play, play!
(psst, get some locals to direct you where you can find them!  Good luck!)
Yup!  We finally checked into our hotel!
The journey from KK to Kundasang took about 4 hours with the stop, look, eat and shop!
Look out for the next few posts!
More beautiful pictures of this remarkable place!
Maybe it should be “Sabah, Land of the Mountains”?

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Have a Happy Day! ;D

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