Sabah: Sunset at Tanjung Aru Beach & Pasar Kraftangan

Let’s go to Tanjung Aru Beach for dinner while watching the sun sets!  Sounds so romantic…
This is a beautiful beach, yah?
The sand is so soft.

Wah!  The sun is so big!
Eh, how long must we wait for the sun to set lah?  One hour!!
Let’s go somewhere first.  We can still come here to watch the sun set tomorrow, right?
There’s a handicraft market nearby.  Okay, let’s go there!
This is it?
We were told by our driver that most of the traders here are Filipinos!
Hence, this market is known as Handicraft Market KK or Filipino Market!
We found these people playing chess by the road side in front of the market.
This is really a healthy way to pass time, right?
Ah!  This is an interesting sight!  Guy tailors in action!

Hey, we can watch the sunset here!

Just beside the handicraft market is a food market!
Our nose automatically took our legs to that direction!  Hehe.

There are plenty of barbeque seafood stalls. 
Each stall has a row of table for their customers to sit and eat!
Must try their sambal and pickled seaweed!
Yummy!  Yummy!
See that biggest Tiger prawn (Sabah is famous for them), closest to the camera?! 
We paid RM25.00 for it! 
We paid RM15.00 for a stick of the smaller sotong. 
How much for one giant sotong?  Only RM20.00!
Aiyah, of course must bargain a bit lah!
On the other end (outside the market), you will find a stretch of dried seafood stalls.
You must buy their “Tenggiri” salted fish! 
Aromatic, not too salty and tastes wonderful when cooked with meat
 eg. “ham yu far lam poh” (salted fish with pork belly)!
Do not buy from the first stall you approach. 
The next stall guy will offer you lower price than the first guy after knowing what the first guy offered.
In other words, walk about and check around before deciding which stall you want to buy from.
Buy in “bulk” (everyone buy from one stall) for better negotiation power.  You’ll be able to get a better deal!
You can find all sorts of souvenirs inside the handicraft market!
Almost all shops sell the same things.
I am so proud of the above photos; taken on a moving vehicle while leaving the handicraft market!
I never realised the sky could be so colourful!  Really breath taking!
We went back to Tg Aru the next evening and took the following “tail end” of the sunset.
Love these pictures! 
I was worried the camera battery will die on me!
Forgot to charge the spare battery the night before!  Phew!
Come to think of it, even if the battery dies, no worries – dear nephew is ever ready with his “canggih” (sophiscated) camera for the trip!
(If you find some pictures are more beautiful than the usual, they were taken by dear nephew!)
Dear nephew, you are so good lei!  Muak-muak!
Have you visited the Handicraft Market?
Have you watched sunset at Tg. Aru Beach?
Any experiences to share?
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