Sabah: Lok Kawi Wildlife Park

After breakfast, we headed directly to Lok Kawi Wildlife Park.
(Be prepared to spend a day there and start as early as possible!
Take note of the time for the tram ride, elephant ride, animal feeding time and animal showtime to plan your day there!
This is a fun, fun, fun place to go!
Kids and adults should love it!
Please wear proper walking shoes and be prepared to walk uphills and stairways!
Pack some simple food and bring your water bottle!
You may also want to bring an extra T-shirt to change!)
When you reach this roundabout, you are already at Penampang.
“Let’s go to the zoo!
That’s lots of things to do!”
You can see their signboard when you are getting near!

Not much crowd yet because we were one of the early birds there!
This place opens at 9.30am.
This big poster welcomed us as we entered the place!
Just as you enter, you will find this skeleton in display.
Err, what animal was it?
We could not find any signages anywhere….
If you know the answer, please tell me!
Make sure you get your receipts when you pay!
Take note
Those age 3-17 are considered children and are charged half the fee.
Honestly, for what they have, their entrance fees are very affordable!
Buy the elephant ride ticket and tram ticket here too!
 Make sure you get their map leaflet, to get around the park, at the counter when you get your tickets!
Buy the elephant ride ticket at the same ticketing counter above.
It is only RM5.00 per head, children or adult.
Rides are only twice a day: 10am-11am and 2pm-3pm
Be there about 10 minutes before time to queue.
Once you enter the zoo, walk up the stairway to the Children’s Zoo.
The elephant ride is there.
While waiting, you can have some fun with the rabbits and guinea pigs!
The elephant will go around the small compound twice.
At almost the end of the second circle, some food will be thrown on the ground.
While the elephant eats, you can just snap, snap, snap whoever are on the back of it.
Only 3 person on its back for every ride.
After the ride, we started visiting the animals’ homes!
We found the elephants and we were at the right place at the right time! 
Feeding time!
A little more, yes, just a little more and there you got it!  Munch, munch!

We got so excited when we found the peacock!

Such a colouful bird!
A wonderful piece of creation indeed.
“Come on, show off to us!  Come on peacock!”
We waited and we waited but it refused to flare its feather.
Aye, we just have to be contented with these pictures!

When you find the Cafe, go straight up opposite of it to get to the Amphitheater.

The Animal Showtime: 11.15am and 3.15pm.
Be there early because the show may start earlier than scheduled, depending on the crowd.
The show lasted more than half an hour.  Very entertaining indeed.
See that painting?  It was drawn by the Orangutan and I won it because I answered a simple question correctly.  Hehe.
The lady won the prize of having the snake over her neck!  Yeeks!

That snake was sitting among the crowd before its “performance”!  So, be careful where you sit!  Hehehe.

Hey, there’s a tram!
Must buy ticket to ride it! 
RM2 per person.
Riding time:  10am, 11am, 2pm and 4pm.
Buy it at the Ticketing Counter before entering the zoo.
It would be good to take a ride on the tram to see the zoo at a glance before going on foot.
There is no way we could completely see the whole place on foot alone if you want to “enjoy” your time with the animals!
Prepare yourself with sunblock, have a hat or umbrella, sunglasses, a fan and a  towel for your perspiration!
Also, your camera and handycam!  Your batteries too!
When you can find the Ostrich, you will find the Cassowary next to their fenced “home”.
The Cassowary really looks like one of those dinasour birds in the “Jurrasic Park” movie!
Get into the Aviary and you will find the above and more.
You must look up and around to find the birds.
The bat was hanging at the highest branch when we sighted it.
The hornbill flew down to rest on the bridge.
This bird was amazing!
It just stood there for everyone to snap picture with it!
It even allowed to be touched!
What an experience!
I have never seen a live Sun bear before!
This guy stood tall to let us take his picture.
After a while, it got tired and sat down clumsily.
So cute!  So fat!
This is a Bear cat.
It woke up just as we wanted to walk away.
See the sleepy eyes!  Not fully opened yet!  Hehehe.
So adorable!
This Proboscis Monkey‘s nose is really funny looking!
We spent so much time here, observing their behaviour which include rubbing their nose!
Hahaha!  The nose really looked out of place!
Then one of it scratched its asshole while another one had an errection!
All the kids (there was a crowd of school children) went bizarre with the sight of the long reddish “thing”!
Aaaah!  Aiyaa!  Eeek! 
Look at the length of its tail!
The Malayan Tiger and Miniature Horse were snoring when we visited them.
One slept laying down while the other slept standing up!  Hehe.
Both refused to wake up and smile for the camera!  Haizz…..

This one came flying and rested on a leaf when we were walking out of the zoo.
This is not one of the “animals” but since it caught our attention, we must take a picture of it, right?
Look at the colours!
There are many more animals than what I have posted here!
This wildlife park or zoo is very well maintained.
There are benches and shades almost everywhere.
There are fans too but some are not working.
The animals are healthy and the place is clean!
You will enjoy spending time with the animals because there are no strong unwelcoming stench chasing you away!
The following places were missed out because we did not allocate one day for this place:
1) Jungle World, which has trekking trails
2) Botanical Centre which has a Picnic Area, Medicinal&Herbal plants and more.
Because we missed the above, we missed the famous Pitcher plant!
Our 4 hours (extended from our original 2 hours plan) spent there was just not enough!
There are some places under construction and we understand, from its leaftlet, that they are building a 1.4km forest walk, canopy walk, mountain and biking track and an observation pavilion.
That gives me a good reason to visit it again some time in future!
Have you visited this place before? 
What’s your experience there?

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Have a Happy Day! ;D

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