Babies Talk

Nothing is happier than seeing a newborn baby! That includes smelling and kissing the baby! A sight that represents peace, hope and tomorrow! Oh, it is a blessing to look at those tiny fingers and toes, the soft pinkish skin, the lazy sleepyhead, the yawn, the stretching action and the beautiful smile! Wait, is she peeping at me with one eye? Hahaha! Sooooo cuuutteeee!!
“Yah, very cute now because she is sleeping, wait until tonight when she wakes up! She is fully alert at night while sleeps in the day. And wait till you hear her cry!!! Then, you will not tell me she is so cute!” her father declared.
His statement reminded me of another baby. My mother’s friend loves to play mahjong. While she was conceiving her baby, she played mahjong till late at night. Due to her habit, her baby refuses to sleep early every night. The funny thing about this baby is she smiles every time she hears the sound of mahjong! Hahaha! She will be at her best behavior when her mother carries her while playing mahjong with her friends! Aiyoh, getting addicted to mahjong at such a young age! Who says babies do not learn anything while in the mother’s tummy?!
“You want to carry her?” No! No, no, no, it’s okay. Please do not let my inexperience hurt the little angel. You know lah, babies are so soft and fragile. In fact, too jelly like for me to handle! It is not that I do not like your child; just that I have no confidence carrying her lah! The last time I carried one, her neck fell to the back as if it was coming off from her neck! That was a scary moment for me! Of course, that baby’s head was intact!
Did Casendra write in her blog that she cut a baby’s nail at the baby’s full moon party? I remembered telling her she could make lots of money doing that! Yes, cutting babies’ nails! Why? How to cut the nails when their fingers are so tiny! Such a dangerous act! Kids at home, if you are reading this, please do not attempt to do that (cutting your baby brother’s or sister’s nails) at home! Hahaha!
Let me share this video with you! When someone shared with me in my Facebook, I laughed so hard, I immediately shared it in my Facebook.  I really wonder what’s so funny about the word “yak chiew” (eat banana)! Watch it! You’ll love it too!
Enough of babies talk today. You got any baby stories to share?

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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