Life and Death are destined

This morning my associate dropped by and we were talking about when and where our next holiday should be. Then she said, “Hey, thank goodness you did not go for your Jogjakarta trip!”
Huh? Why?


“Why? The volcano Merapi erupted! You didn’t know?”
Yes, I know….. Oh, yes! I did plan a trip to Borobudur some time back! Hah! I have forgotten all about that! Gee, thank goodness our dear friend then said “No Go” because of some predictions about volcanoes eruption! If not, I may not be here writing this post. We planned to go some time in October or November 2010 then. Argh! Eerie, eerie!
So, here I am going to talk about life and destiny! Yah, yah, yah, you have read it from my blog so many times before. Don’t get bored, okay, because it is true! Things do happen for a reason! And if we are not meant to die, we are not!
I remembered my beloved sister almost choked to death with a “fatt koh” (some Chinese sponge cake) when she was a teenager. As usual, she was lazy to take more bites and squeezed the whole piece into her mouth. Everyone was busy having some conversations and suddenly she turned blue, grasping my hand pointing into her throat. I did not understand what happened but my mother did and she hit her hard on the back! She spat out the cake in chunks! Phew! That was a close call.
She did not die then, but many years later, she died in a car accident in 2008 at the age of 37.
My mother always tells me that I cannot “play” with water because I may die from drowning. So, from young she never allowed me to go swimming. I learnt swimming on my own when I started working. I still go swimming today, any pool not deeper than 5 feet and snorkel with the life jacket on! Better safe than sorry! It is better than worry about dying and not having fun, right?
People are always talking about risks in driving, in taking a flight, in high rise buildings, etc but that does not stop people from being in a car, an aeroplane or high rise buildings! If we are destined to die, we could also die in the comfort of our home on the sofa watching television and a car rams into the house to knock you dead! No kidding! It was in the news before!
Like what the wise Chinese will say: “Sang sei yau meng” (Life and death are destined), we will died when our time is due and when it is not, even trying to commit suicide also someone will be able to save you! Therefore, I say, let’s enjoy life and live till the world rejects us or our body is no longer able to carry us! Live as if there is no tomorrow! And appreciate life to the fullest. Appreciate everything and everyone around us! Why? Because we are so blessed to be alive! As long as we are alive, we could still make corrections to what we did wrong, learn from them and be someone better. By being someone better, we could also influence someone else to be better and useful in the society and the world will be a better place!
Let us not leave trash to our next generation, let us leave good examples, fond memories and neat trails to the people after us. We are alive in this world for a period of time to do what we are “destined” to do. If we can “see” our purpose in life, we will be one of the people who will be able to make a difference to the future!
Seek and thou shall find.  Do you think you know your life purpose?
Quote of the Day:
Let us so live that when we come to die even the undertaker will be sorry.


Have a Happy Day! ;D

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