I, a mother of two??

Dear cousin was telling our buddy, “I tell you ah, this woman is a mother of two!”
What woman? Me? Huh; a mother of two? How come I do not know one?! Of course my buddy was as puzzled as I.
“See, she is already carrying her daughter there!”
What daughter? I was just reading my email message from my BlackBerry. There were no young children near us or in the house; what was she talking about?
“Aiyah, that thing is so precious to her that she is always looking at it; never leaving it from her sight and her “care”, always touching it and carrying it! It is with her 24/7! She takes it even into the toilet!”
Hahahaha! She was talking about my BlackBerry? How true! Yah, my BlackBerry is my baby, alright! Eh, you said two. “Who” is the other child lah?!
“This is the “daughter” because it is smaller. The “son” is the 10” Dell notebook! Haizz, this woman is either with her BlackBerry or with her Dell! Just the other day, she teasingly asked me if she can take it into the toilet too! Hahaha! Really gila (mad) lah, this woman! ”
Aye, must you tell it to everybody?! But it was true; I was so engrossed with what I was doing on my Dell the other day that I thought I did not want to waste precious time. Did I take it into the toilet? No-lah! Of course not!
How come I never thought of it; that these two electronic non-living things could be “children” to me? Hahaha! Guess it is easier taking care of these two “children” than having real babies, right? After all, they are replaceable and can be upgraded after a few years and all I have to do is make sure they are charged! Hehe.

Before Dell, I was using Acer 17” notebook. Just the other day, I needed to use it because it has a CD drive. I found Acer so cumbersome. It is bulky and heavy! And the battery died on me after one hour! Haizz, how ungrateful of me – loving the new and abandoning the old. But life goes on, right? We just got to advance forward with the latest technology, for better speed, pixels and programmes.

For all you know, I will find new love soon to replace my BlackBerry and Dell; but not too soon though because I am still deeply in love with my two “children”. Maybe having these two “children” is the best thing that ever happened to me.
I remembered I was asked many times if I will adopt a child so that I will be taken care of in my old age. I said no then and I say no now. Why? Maybe I am just not the type who can take up heavy responsibility of raising a child. And who can guarantee a child will take care of his or her mother; especially an adopted mother?
Hence, when dear cousin described that the BlackBerry and Dell are my “children”, I was amused yet find it quite true. And that is the way it will be until I replace or upgrade them. When that day comes, I will have new babies to play with and have fun!
So, you have any “babies”?
Quote of the Day:
“The best way to predict the future is to invent it.”

This post is edited by UV.

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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