Happy Deepavali 2010 @ Tg. Sepat

Happy Deepavali 2010! 

What is Deepavali to me? 
To me it is just another holiday. 
Yes, and where should I spend the day? 
Dear cousin said, “Let’s got to Tg. Sepat!”

Only two of us?
Wouldn’t it be boring?
“Let’s call our dear nephew and family.”
Ah, good idea!

How to go there?
Use your GPS, if you have one.
If not, you can use the Kesas Highway,
turn left into Banting and follow the Morib Beach direction.

When you reach Tg Sepat, you will find this water tank in stilts, painted in white!

Turn right into the village.
Yes, go through the village/ township.
Keep driving towards the direction of the beach!

You may see this shop first before seeing any of the restaurants.
This shop sells all sorts of local products such as dried prawns, dried fish stomach, honey, biscuits, sweets, ice cream, etc.
I like their “heong pan” which has lots of sesame seeds.

You will find many seafood restaurants by the beach.
Since this was our first time there, we just picked the most crowded restaurant at the time.
We chose Lover Bridge!
The name itself is attractive, right?
There were walked in sellers of fish paste stuff, crackers, dried seafood and fruits.
We bought a packet of cooked fish ball and “fu pei” (fish paste in beancurb wrapper) at RM10.00 each.
Very tasty!
We also bought a box of cut mango at RM6.00 per box.
Please do not buy! 
There were TINY WHITE CRAWLIES crawling out of the ripe mangoes!  Yeeks!
You have to believe the amount of food we ordered!
Let’s do a food review here:
Fried sotong – tasted okay if dipped with chili sauce
Fried oyster with eggs – WOW!  Plenty of oysters!  Best “ho chien” so far because many, many oysters!
Fried meehoon with lala (clams) – not too bad
 Vegy “yau mak” – very good; fresh, young and cooked just right with “fu yee” (preserved beancurb)
Sour Hot Crabs – not hot not sour, more like ketchup cooked.  It was “finger licking good” for the kids!
Steamed Prawns – very fresh and cooked just right!  Don’t like the fried onion oil though because I do not like fried onions!
Claypot taufu – their specialty: hmm, must eat with rice then only nice.  Plenty of gravy!
Yup!  As usual:  Now you see it!  Now you don’t!
ALL cleaned up!
Must snap this picture for you!
Look!  The dirtiest table (and floor) after dined by a family!
Not ours lah!  The table next to ours!
Within walking distance from the Lovers Bridge we found:
Blue skies and everything nice at the jetty.
Big crowd at the local product shop and at the stalls near the jetty.
(You can only find those stalls during weekends and public holidays.)
Tradition homemade candy!
“Mak arh tong” (malt candy), the old fashion style.
Fresh from the pot!
Please do not put this in your mouth if you are wearing dentures!
This candy is really sticky!
We thought of taking a stroll at the jetty but stopped at the rest place just before hitting the jetty.
The place was so comfortable that we rested there instead.
Yes, just lazing around (while struggling with the sticky candy), chatting and enjoying the sea breeze.
Dear nephew said this place is really relaxing.
He would not mind spending a few days here but he cannot retire here because he would be bored to death wor!  Hahaha!
Do you know that you can find  the popular Yankee pineapple at Tg Sepat?
We found this stall on the way to Tg Sepat’s village and stopped by when driving back.
The banner says: “Makan Percuma” is free testing! 
Don’t buy also never mind! 
We managed to negotiate one pineapple for RM4.00 only because we bought 10!
Err, got one fruit free too!  Power of negotiation!
There are several places which you could buy fresh caught fishes direct from the fishermen as their boats reach the jetty.
You better bring an ice box if you want to buy lots of them!
Some people told us the fishermen are back by 11am while others said by 3pm.
Try your luck!!
We drove “through” Pantai Morib. 

Dear nephew said the weather was too hot to get down for a walk!
But people were playing kites and having fun there!  Haizz….

The day finally ended.
Everyone was tired.  The kids were sleeping at the back of the MPV.
The sun set on Happy Deepavali.
Thank you dear nephew for driving us there.
We had a wonderful holiday today.
Hope you and your family had a good time too!

You went anywhere this Deepavali holiday?
Quote of the Day:
O Ram!
The light of lights,
the self-luminous inner light of the Self
is ever shining steadily in the chamber of your heart.
Sit quietly.
Close your eyes.
Withdraw the senses.
Fix the mind on this supreme light and enjoy the real Deepavali,
by attaining illumination of the soul.

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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