What is holiday to you?

We went on a holiday recently. Boy, this holiday is different from all other holidays I had ever had. We spent so much time in the hotel room, watching Astro’s Max Cinemaplex and Star Movies.

While dear cousin and I were into food, travel and fun, our two other girlfriends were into rest and relax. Their version of holidays is to fully utilise the hotel facilities! Yes, that means the room, the swimming pool, the Jacuzzi, the sauna, coffee house, gym and all! Aiyah, how to really fully utilise the hotel facilities lah?

Okay, I must admit that I had never slept so much during any holiday than this and swam almost every day of my stay. The 2 nights 3 days started with a food hunting journey, but the moment we touched down at the hotel, it turned into a rest and relax holiday! We only travelled out of the hotel for dinner and lunch. The rest of the time was TV or sleep. Of course we had some good chats and wine and snack sessions in between.
Our girlfriends philosophy about holiday:
“Yes, holidays means you do not need to tidy your bed, no need to sweep the floor and clean the room, you can have the TV and air-conditioner on 24 hours, nobody to disturb you because they do not know where you are, tell everyone you are on holiday and they will not try to reach you by the telephone, laze around, walk around, take some pictures, lose your way and you can still reach your destination and have fun all along the way because you have company; company of good friends travelling with you!”
So, did I enjoy this trip? I should say, kind of because it gave me a chance to catch up on my beauty sleep. There was no alarm to wake me up to keep up with the itinerary because there was none in the first place! What did we do? We just kept asking “What’s next?”, and flow with the feel! Cool, right?
Hungry? Let’s go eat! Sleepy? Let’s go sleep! Not sleepy while others are? Then watch TV or play with your notebook! Simple rules! Nothing rigid, nothing fixed! Nothing! It was as if time is not an essence and was freely available at our expense. It was as if money is not a concern because everything was already paid for. It was as if making a living is not an issue because we did not bring our work along with us.
As I am typing this post, the snoring of my three companions becomes part of the thriller music playing in the movie “One Missed Call” on Max Cinemaplex. Haizz, if you give me another holiday like this, I may just go mad! Going on a holiday and be confined in a hotel room! It just does not make any sense!
Guess I just have to accept the fact that everyone has a different perception of what a holiday is. Personally, I would fully utilise my holiday into exploring places, food hunting and visiting sites by fixing an itinerary of time and places because I feel I could always watch TV and sleep in the comfort of my home!
What is holiday to you?

Quote of the Day:
I dislike feeling at home when I am abroad.

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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