Port Dickson: Restoran Yuan Xiang Seafood Village n "Mystical Tortoise" Temple

When you drive along Port Dickson beach, look out for Restoran Yuan Xiang Seafood Village. This restaurant structure is similar to a temple and beside it is a temple on higher ground. Order any of their specialties and you will not go wrong. This trip, we feasted on their “Special Hot Pot Seafood”. They serve this with noodles. However, if you are not in favour of noodles, you could replace it with white rice.
If you are driving from PD town, you have to pass through all the hotel resorts,
go straight at the roundabout (where if you turn left,
you will hit the PLUS Expressway). 
At the roundabout, you could already see the restaurant’s “temple” roof.
If you are driving towards PD town, you will pass a cemetery on your right,
you will reach this restaurant, which is on your right, 
just before you reach the roundabout.
“Today’s special” = everyday’s special?
Love their “La-La Superior Soup”, but no la-la (clams) that day!  Sigh!
Don’t be fooled with all the dried chili floating in the pot.
Not spicy at all!
Simply fresh seafood in a pot that is hot because we still have the fire burning under the pot!
Yes, lots of “taugeh” with the meehoon to go with the “hot” soup.
Enter the temple by car (lazy people do that!) or walk up. Its main attraction in the temple is a 300 years old tortoise! Huh? Did I hear it right? Or did the man say it wrong? If you go there, please confirm it for me. Thanks.
See!  From the restaurant, you can see the temple’s entrance.
Restaurant and temple, side by side.
This is the mystical tortoise!
The tortoise was stationary at the spot but moved when I called, “Tortoise”!
Aiyah, moved a little only lah.
If it didn’t move at all, I would thought it was a fake tortoise!
Dear cousin lagi terror, touched it and it  lifted its head and
looked at her before resting its head on the floor again!
I touched it also it did not move one!
Story time: Once upon a time, more than one year (or was it two years) ago, a tortoise found its way to this temple. After residing in the temple, it found fame in fulfilling wins to those who asked for 4 digits. What? How?
The story continues… if you have a favourite 4 digit, write it down on a piece of paper and place it in front of the mystical tortoise.   Yah, must let the tortoise “see” the number!  While doing that, stroke the tortoise from head to tail 3 times; make your wish in your heart while doing so.
If no favourite 4 digit, how? Simple, tell the man in charge and he will give you some ang pow packets with 4 digit inside for you to pick. Yes, pick your win! Wait! You must also place that envelope in front of the tortoise lah! Stroke it and make your ‘win big’ wish! Make sure you pray hard, hard, okay?
If you are not a gambler or have no interest in 4 digits; can also pray hard for whatever you wish for! Same lah, stroke it and make your wishes!

Must we pay for making wishes?  There are some donation boxes which you could drop in some sen or ringgit.  The Chinese says:  Pay what your heart wish…

More stories…many people struck first prize! Wow! They came back to the temple to “repay” the mystical tortoise. And guess what they brought for the tortoise. You can never guess it! Abalone and birds’ nests! Hah? I thought tortoise eats vegetables.
“It loves to eat abalone. All we need to do is to cut it to small pieces. No, no, no, it doesn’t eat vegetables. It eats pork and chicken. Yah, must cut them into cubes. No, no need to cook. It eats them raw.” 
Really ah? 
Psst…dear cousin took a number at random, stroked tortoise, prayed and bought the number but did not strike!  Guess she did not pray hard enough for a big win! Poor tortoise got no abalone lunch treat lor!
Have you eaten at Restoran Yuan Xiang Seafood Village or visited the mystical tortoise?
Quote of the Day:
Destiny has two ways of crushing us —
by refusing our wishes and by fulfilling them.

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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