Men Women / Women Men

I love it when our elder cousin sister is around especially when we go for outings. Her handbag has practically everything you want in times of need! ENO (for indigestion), Panadol (for headaches), Poh Chai Pills (for diarrhea), scissors, pen knife, plaster, nail clipper, “sok kuat” (contract-expandable) umbrella, hat, foldable fan, etc? You name it, she’s got it!

“Sis (that is how I will call her), you got nail clipper?” I asked her during one of our shopping sessions when I realized I broke my nail. How did I break it? Did not even know it was broken until I scratched myself with it. Guess I was too engrossed in shopping!
She dug into her handbag for a while before looking at me and said,” Err, I changed handbag this morning. Sorry lah, nothing in here except my purse.” Huh? This never happened before. Never mind, I was sure one of the sales girls must have a nail clipper.
“Sorry kak (sister), tak ada lah (don’t have). Nanti (Wait), I check dengan (with) member ah.” That helpful sales girl asked almost all the other sales girls before coming back to me to tell me none of her “members” had a nail clipper with them. I thanked her for trying and moved on with our shopping.
After trying on another blouse, I could not stop myself from asking a male sales personnel, “Adik (Brother), you ada (got) nail clipper ke?” and immediately he answered,” Ada. (Got).” Huh? I was surprised with his prompt reply.
“I ingat (thought) hanya (only) perempuan (girls) simpan (keep) nail clipper dalam (in) handbag. Tapi (But) I tanya (asked) semua (all) salesgirls tadi (just now), tak ada (not) satu (one) budak (person) pun ada (has one). You, seorang lelaki (a guy) saja yang ada (only has one)!” Hahaha! Again, I have learned not to judge people.
Nowadays, one should not be surprised that a guy can be more considerate, detailed, petty, and sensitive than the ladies. Hence, we should not be surprised the guy also carries a nail clipper, nail file and all! Right or not?
Just the other day, I was face to face with a salesman who wore pink lipsticks. Gee, I felt so weird talking to him but he behaved as if there was nothing abnormal. Maybe I am outdated with the latest trend; but is it really an in thing for guys to wear lipsticks? Oh, what has the world turned into?
But again, why should I be surprised with this changing human behavior? As it is, I find females nowadays more independent and unafraid of cockroaches. I have seen guys jumping onto a chair while a lady stepped the cockroach dead! Hahaha!
I am no longer amazed with what men do differently nor what women do differently, are you?

Quote of the Day:
What is most beautiful in virile men is something feminine;
what is most beautiful in feminine women is something masculine.


Have a Happy Day! ;D

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