Ipoh: Birthday @ Scotch! n Beacon!

“I am so touched! You guys came all the way from KL to celebrate my birthday with me!”
Yes, I have planned for this trip (to go back to Ipoh) on my birthday when I received a SMS, from this dear old friend from my Primary school days, wishing me Happy Birthday then.
We agreed to have dinner at our favourite place, Scotch Restoran dan Pub.  Someone told me that this restaurant has established more than 30 years by a Taiwanese lady who is married a Malaysian (Ipoh guy)!   
This restaurant is at Ipoh Garden South.
Call them at 05-5481194/ 5457030 for directions!
If you know how to get on Tiger Lane (aka Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah) to Jaya Jusco,
you are already heading the right direction!
If you have your reliable GPS, you’ll get there for sure!
Step inside and you are in another world.
Here, you can only breath in smell of steak, fried noodles and liqour!  Hahaha.
This place is a family dining favourite. 
It is also the love of “Cheers” and “Yum Seng” characters on high chairs!.
Yes, all chops or steaks are served with potato chips and mixed vegy.
Gotta sprinkle some salt to make these co-stars more tasty lei.
My Scotch steak was perfectly marinated and cooked
(as I have requested; no raw or half cooked, okay)! 
It is one of the best steak I have tasted so far.
Even some expensive steak in posh restaurants cannot beat Scotch’s!
Priced at RM16.50, it sure was value for money!
The chicken chop with mushroom gravy (priced at RM12.50),
the birthday gal’s pick, was delicious.
 Another signature choice was pork chop with black pepper sauce!
It was priced at RM13.50 only.
Don’t know which is which? 
If you get to smell them, you’ll know!  Hehe.
Top left = steak,
Top right = chicken chop,
Bottom left = pork chop and
Bottom right = fried noodles, another Scotch’s specialty!
Dear cousin bottoms-up the plates of pork chop
and fried noodles
with her Martini (RM6.80/short glass)!
Very hungry wor!
Since Scotch does not serve cakes, which we cannot miss that night, we had to adjourn to another place for their famous cakes!  We took a 5-10 minutes (depending on traffic) drive to Restoran Beacon Point, which is located at Taman Perak. 
Just get back to Tiger Lane towards Jaya Jusco(JJ).  Turn right at the traffic light into JJ, drive straight to next traffic light  and turn right.  Drive on  till you go under a highway, after which you will see a row of shop houses on your right, turn right at end of the row and you will see Beacon Point at the corner of the next row of shop houses.
This place is much brighter than Scotch.
It looks like another family dining favourite.  
We chose to sit outside since it was windy that night.
 We ordered their popular Lemon Poppyseed cheese cake,
their Coffee Marble cheese cake (which tastes just like Secret Recipe’s)
and my favourite for the night, the Carrot Walnut cake!
Each piece is priced at RM5.90 only.
No candles blowing lah! 
We (all of us born in the same year) are too old for that!
Dear friend recommended their chicken  pie but we had no stomach for it!
She said she always buy back their plain butter cake,
so we did just that and paid RM18.00 for it. 
Guess what?  Dear cousin bakes better butter cake lah!  Haiyah!
That night, three of us picked up where we left.  Eversince our dear friend shifted back to Ipoh two years ago, we had missed each other’s birthday celebration.  We had never missed them before because two of three will take the trouble to plan where to treat the next birthday girl.   However with the distance between us now, 2 in KL 1 in Ipoh, we would just FB or texted each other on the auspicious day.  Hence, that night we had celebrated all three birthdays in one!
I had a wonderful time!  I did not regret spending the toll and petrol money and time driving back especially for the celebration that night!  She may be touched by our gesture, but I am touched with the new found closeness we now share.  Maybe we should do this every year? 
Have you been to Ipoh’s Scotch and / or Beacon?
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