Three Good: Do Good Deeds, Say Good Words, Think Good Thoughts.

The first time I saw those words was when I visited FGS (Fo Guang Shan ) Dong Zen Temple. It was printed on different banners and can be found at almost every corner of the temple compound. Such wise words, such good advice but how many of us actually do all the Three Good?

Do Good Deeds:

To me as long as we do not harm people or have any intention to hurt anyone, it is already doing good deeds. Of course, doing charity and helping people in need are also considered as doing good deeds.
Ah, if it is so, I can comfortably say I have been dutifully doing it since the day I have a mind of my own!
Say Good Words:
I know of one old lady who cannot constrain herself from foul language. She would be telling us happenings or stories and blurted out some foul words unintentionally! When she realized what she did, she would apologized and promised not to do it again. “Aisay, I must be a bad example to you young ladies!”
To me, foul words are not good words but she is a kind person who cannot kick her bad habit of using those words, so how?
Of course, to play safe (if one does not have a foul mouth problem); it would be good practice if one would say something good or pleasant to one’s ears and say nothing if one has nothing good to say. Sounds familiar? This is one tough habit for me to kick, as I normally speak out my mind. I just have to try harder if I want to do the Three Good!
Think Good Thoughts:
Hehe, this is tricky, isn’t it? Sometimes it is difficult to control our mind, right? How to think good thoughts 24 hours a day lah? Sometimes some naughty or mischievous ideas may spur out of nowhere and we could end up playing pranks on people! Unless, we confine good thoughts to non-evil thoughts, then I could safely say it is possible!

But what are non-evil thoughts? Are they thoughts of not harming or hurting another person? Could it be so simple? How about thoughts of greed, power and success? Are they considered evil or not?

I have seen and known of people who do not walk their talk even when they serve the temple. In other words, they are people who do not practice all the Three Good. If one person complains and gossips about another, one is not saying good words, right?

If one is thinking of how to outdo another to get more merits or to show more people that he or she is better in serving the temple, it is not thinking good thoughts or doing good deeds, right?
I believe we do not need to deliberately try to do the Three Good. Doing the Three Good should come naturally in our daily practice. To me, as long as we act with our conscience at all times not to harm or hurt another person; be it in words, actions or thoughts, we are already one step closer in doing the Three Good.
Do you agree with me?

Quote of the Day:
Anyone who proposes to do good must not expect people to roll stones out of his way,
but must accept his lot calmly, even if they roll a few stones upon it.


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  1. Pleasant Post. This transmit helped me in my college assignment. Thnaks Alot

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