NASAM n DAMA Orchestra

Huh? Who? What? Where? When? How?
“Aiyah, don’t ask too many questions. Just go together and have fun. You will enjoy the show! Trust me!”
And trust her I did and I did not regret trusting her!  
This is the ticket!  Worth RM330.00 in the name of charity!
I must salute you for your generosity!
If not for charity, how much is this ticket worth ah?

Never knew of KLPac (KL Performing Arts Centre) until today!
It is at Sentul West which entrance is accessible via Jalan Ipoh. 
From KL, to pass traffic light into Jalan Sentul and make an U-turn when you see KFC on your right.
After the U-turn, Sentul West is between the KFC and the traffic light turning into Jalan Sentul.
Of course if you are coming from the opposite direction, KFC is already on your left!
At the speech, NASAM announced that they had raised RM300,000.00 with tonight’s activity!
We were also being told that this is the largest fund ever raised by an individual charity body!
Bravo, NASAM!  Well done!
In fact they had organised the event very well.
They even arranged snacks and beverages during the half hour interval.
Look at the crowd!  Or should I say:  Look at the “senior” crowd!
Yup!  I am now blending into the “old people” activities!  Hahaha!
But I was not the only one lei! 
They were younger kids tagging along with their parents or grandparents there!
Walked around the place (while looking for the ladies’ room) and
found that KLPac has a Resource Centre.
Very interesting exhibition being displayed.
Pay them a visit and you will love this place too!
There is a cafe/ pub just as you walk into the centre.
Did not have a chance to find out more about this place.
DAMA Orchestra has already a string of successful performances in their record!
There were T-shirts and CDs/ VCDs for sale.
Many people bought them after the show for souvenir(s).
Me?  No-lah, I very stingy one.  Remember?  Hehe.
Full House! 
Hey!  Is that my buddy’s big fat leg daggling there?! 
Sorry to snap your leg picture ah.  Hehe.

Yes!  The stage where all the actions, songs and dances were!
Sorry!  You can’t watch coz you did not pay!
No lah! 
The usher lah, told me,” Sorry Miss, no camera please. 
Erm, please turn off your handphone too. 
It might interrupt the system here!”
With everything off;
I sat back, relaxed and enjoyed the show!
Clap?  Clap?  Clap? 
– Of course!  Since I enjoyed their performance so much!
Encore?  Encore?  Whistle?  Whistle?
– Err, this crowd was not rowdy lot lah; 
more senior and high society people here mah!
Personal Review of the Night:
1) Got to know NASAM better.  Yes, they are in my charity list now.
2) Learnt about KLPac and the location of the place.
If you go there, please park your car in the first parking lot
as you are approaching the KLPac building.
It is easier to drive out from there 
as you do not need to use the roundabout,
which could get jammed up due to some nincompoops
rushing to get out sooner than everyone else.
3) Thankful for the introduction to DAMA Orchestra.
Proud of our local production and performing group.
Beautiful voices, great songs, wonderful dance arrangements
and colourful costumes!
Special mention of their ability to sing and dance at the same time!
Simply talented or is it mere hard work?
Must also compliment the articulate narrator, Nell Ng
and the flowery narration, making the performance more meaningful.
The only comment
The lead singer, Tan Soo Suan and 2nd lead singer, Evelyn Toh are overweight lei.
They can sing so well because they are fat?!
And they can dance too!  Amazing!

 Thank you, buddy!  Thank you!  I had a wonderful night and pleasant discoveries tonight! 
Have you been to KLPac or / and watched “Glitz & Glamour – tales from old Shanghai to Fragrance Bay” too?

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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