Legacy in Life journey

I have reconnected with many primary and secondary school mates via the Facebook recently. All one has to do is to send a request to be friend, if accepted, the connection is done!
Initially I was all excited about being reconnected, having my friends’ list expanded in the Facebook. Chit chatted with a few, sending messages to exchange phone numbers and so forth. We even set dates to meet! Set dates to meet which then would be postponed and later cancelled. At the end, Facebook became a place to log in, once in a while, to see what and how the others are doing.
Sometimes, I would post a comment or two too just to keep those interested informed that I am still alive and kicking. Occasionally, someone would “poke” me. If I do not respond, that person would continue to “poke” me until I “poke” back or write something on her Wall like: “Stop poking me!” Hahaha!
I have one particular ex-primary school mate who posts a line or two of her philosophic thoughts on her Wall every day. I find her postings very interesting indeed. Sometimes, she would also touch on political issues.
The other day she posted:
“The worth of a person is not in what they own or how much they make, or what they can do. What business is it to you if I do or don’t do?”
Hahaha! How sarcastic, right?! But how true; most people around us are very concerned about other people and what they do, earn or have. Why don’t these people look into the mirror first and check themselves first before pressing their nose on other people’s business?
Her recent comment was:
“1 hour talk? Wow, so long???… but remember, somewhere out there, 1 person’s words can touch your heart and show you the way out of darkness when you least expected so.”
How true and I wish my posts would also touch your heart in some way.
Today she posted:
“Disaster strikes in Indonesia again… here now, gone tomorrow…”
This fact of life is something everyone knows but somehow it always suppresses because they are too engrossed in making a living and too worried about tomorrow. If everyone learns to appreciate what is here, today, at the present; there will be no regrets when it is gone or when we are finally gone too…
Why do I take time to blog every day? It is because I have so much to share. If one day, you find me not posting anything anymore here, you better check me out! I may just be gone for good!
When that day comes, you could still visit this blog to go through all that I have shared with you; about myself, my life, the ups and downs, my views, my thoughts, my experiences, my love for food, my travel and fun and the people who make me and my life how it is. If this blog can perpetually exist in the virtual world, this blog will mark my existence in this world after I am gone. This blog will be my one and only legacy, until and unless I am able to create another legacy before the end of my life journey.
What do you think will be your legacy in your life journey?
Quote of the Day:
I don’t want to lose my name because that’s how I know myself.
There is a legacy here.

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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