I am a part-time short story writer with lots of stories built around my personal experiences. I normally spice them up to capture my audience’s attention, so don’t take everything I write as the literal truth! I am a lover of satire writers and do a lot of such stories myself. Most of these are political based but some aren’t. I have gone through a lot in life, believe me and some of the things I have done are stranger than fiction. So enjoy reading what I want to share with you all. Good things must come in small portions! Have fun.

(continue from part 8) or (where it begins)

A Short story by UV

The Hyenas, Wild boars and Ravens continue their existence for some time. Then the Lions decided to leave nearby regions too as it was getting to warm for them. They did not want these areas to be taken over by leopards or vipers, so they asked their stooges, the Hyenas, Wild boars and Ravens of Weleysie to incorporate these neighbouring territories into their own.

Although these territories also had Hyenas, Wild Boars, Ravens they had different species and some of the wild boars have turned into domesticated pigs! There were lots of vultures too. Now, life would be difficult if you have so many scavengers to feed. However, it is imperative that these Vultures be brought in, if not the delicate balance or animals would be upset! Wild boars and pigs may be in the majority!

Prince Remen was taking a big risk inviting the domesticated wild boars, or shall I call them pigs, into Weleysie. The pigs were led by La Kunyaw, a crafty pig! La Kunyaw danced with the Communists and then destroyed them! He now reign supreme among the docile, domesticated pigs of his territory. La Kunyaw when he joined Weleysie started on a call for Weleysie for Weleysiens! What’s the meaning of this? He believes that all Weleysiens should have equal rights! Unheard of and almost impossible to be accepted by the Hyenas. These scavengers, only after six years of special privileges have grown accustomed to being pampered and would never want to give up on this!

The new territory of Weleysie with a slight change of name came into being soon enough. We shall explore this in our next episode.


Have a Happy Day! ;D

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