Boardroom Meeting?

I was the one who requested for this meeting. Yes, it was a meeting in a boardroom. It was official and there were lots of heated discussions! Shoe-throwing at each other happened as a result of not being able to see eye to eye! But we are professionals. After resolving all matters, in half an hour, we went for lunch together! I say, that should be the way!
Meeting in a boardroom could be a luxury if the host serves coffee, tea and snacks or it could be professionally organised by serving beverages only. I have attended lunch meetings where we were served lunch in the boardroom. Yes, the CEO would be talking with rice in his mouth, the FC with a grain of rice near his lips and the VP with some vegetables stuck on her front teeth with her lipsticks smeared! Ahahahaha! Aye, I was just a Finance Manager then and I dared not even giggle at the sight of those candid moments!
I was taught to check the list of attendees for each meeting in a boardroom and “chup sang” (play by ear)! That means if the Chairman is one who loves curry puffs, I must make sure curry puff is served. If the Chairman yearns for curry noodles, I have to make sure that item will be the main course! I say, are they attending a meeting or having a feast?
At one particular meeting, one Tengku was so busy tearing the plastic cover over the plate of chocolate cake that all attention went to him and the plate of cake because of the noise he was making. The Tengku who realised all eyes were on him, took a piece of the cake and started to pass the plate around saying, “Aaa, makan, makan.” (Let’s eat) The Chairman who is Tengku’s good friend had to stop the meeting for a tea break! Haizz, the meeting just started only lah!
Guess Tengku came on an empty stomach for the meeting because he was happily walloping every item served that morning! Thank goodness, there was enough food to go around! The meeting lasted for two hours out of which 45 minutes was fellowship and half an hour on politics talk! Yup, the agenda took only 45 minutes to discuss and resolve. Poor me, who was requested to attend the meeting, found that I had wasted valued time in there! You guessed it! I never liked socialising with big shots and have small talks! I rather stay in my office to complete my daily tasks!
Now, you will never find me wasting people’s time in meetings that I chaired, just like the one I requested for above! Half an hour or at the most one hour and everyone must leave the boardroom or meeting room! We could always adjourn for lunch after that.
Today, I have revealed the professional side of me. Do you approve my approach?
Quote of the Day:
“A meeting is an event where minutes are taken and hours wasted.”
~ James T. Kirk

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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