8th October 2010 – “Love You Day”?

Did you know that 8th October 2010 was “Love You Day”? Huh? Hahaha! I never knew too and I was as surprised as you when I received a sms from my dear buddy with the following message:
“She can deal with stress and carry heavy burdens. She smiles when she feels like screaming and she sings when she feels like crying. She cries when she’s happy and laughs when she’s afraid. Her love is unconditional. There’s only one thing wrong with her, she forgets what she’s worth!

Pass this to every beautiful woman u know. Remind her she’s unique. I love you. In 25 mins something will make y super happy. Tell yr crazy girlfriends you love them, including me. L-O-V-E-Y-O-U. Today is “love u day”. Sent to everyone u love whether its real love or friend love. U r spoiled if u get 5 back.”
As usual, sms’ English language sucks with all the abbreviations and what not. I do that too. Anyway, I have divided her message into 2 paragraphs. The original has all the words in one paragraph and I had to read it twice to understand exactly what is happening.
The first paragraph, to me, describes a mother more than a woman, right? And the second paragraph, looks like a message that a Telco would send out to increase its sms volume for revenue purpose! Hahaha! Whatever it is, I was touched by my buddy’s gesture and forwarded this message to a few friends. Aye, making the Telco more profitable with my naïve action! And I am sure that I was not the only one!
If she had forwarded a “chained” sms, which says I would be knocked down by a car if I do not forward the same message to another 10 people, I would just delete the message away! Then I will wait and see if any cars will knock me down! Hahaha! Got cursed also can be so action!
I have one friend who loves to forward “curses” to her friends, including me. As far as I am concerned, I always delete her forwards; wouldn’t know about her other friends. One day she forwarded one urgent message asking for blood donation for a little girl’s operation. The message had all information about the little girl, her parents, her doctor and some contact numbers. You guessed it! I called the number given and found that the person was not the person stated in the email and that person had no idea what I was talking about!
Haizz, life and death matter also could be a hoax! And some people are stupid enough to do as what the email says without checking into it! That finding confirmed my intelligent decision never to forward any emails, and SMSes!
Do you forward forwards you received?

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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