“You Again?”

Courtesy of Walt Disney Motion Pictures Malaysia, 60 Nuffnangers will have the chance to watch You Again in a special screening just for bloggers! To win yourself a pair of invites to catch You Again on the big screen, you just have to;
1. Write a blog post with the title “You Again?”
2. Tell us about a person whom you didn’t really like in your past. He/She can be the nasty classmate who kept stealing your Hello Kitty erasers, the senior who kept stuffing you into rubbish bins, or anyone else who has made your life unpleasant in the past.

Tell us why this ‘special’ person is so memorable to you, and you stand a chance to be one of the 60 lucky Nuffnangers to catch You Again on the big screen on this coming 22 October! On top of that, the 10 best written entries will also win massage vouchers from Urban Retreat worth RM189.00 each!


Hahaha! You again?  How can I ever forget you! Yes! You! Oh, you may have forgotten all about me, but not me! Not after you got me to do the things I have done! And not know the hell I have been through! You were not there to defend for me! Not there to tell everyone that you were the reason for the things that I have done! You! Oh, you!
I was about 10 years old when I knew you. You used to come over to our house for the weekends with your parents; a tall, slender and well mannered “chea-chea” (big sister) to me. You always bring new stuff into my life; such as marshmallows, sweets and chocolates! Then you would bring new toys and games into my life; such as Happy Family, Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar, 5 stones, 7 stones, picking the sticks and many more and had me addicted in them too!
You brought me joy over the weekend and you would leave me by Sunday evening! Even my wailing and tantrums on the floor could not keep you to spend more time with me!
Then, my cravings for marshmallows, sweets and chocolates would creep in the weekdays. I would hide them and indulge in them at night before I sleep. Did you tell me that it was okay to go to bed without brushing my teeth? Yes, and I believed you. Because I did, I had almost every one of my tooth drilled and filled to prevent further decays!
You told me about shaving because you were thrilled watching your father shaves every morning. You got me all curious about shaving that I stole our tenant’s shaver to experience the thrill which I got cut, bleeding and scolding! It was all because of you! You! You! You!
You would tell me stories about boys in your school and the fun you would have teasing and bullying each other. You always leave me with envy since there were no boys found in a Convent school. Then you would play with your cousin brothers who came over our house with you for some weekends while I could only sit around to watch because they would only play with you!
Sometimes you would tell me ghost stories. You made it sound so real that I would have problem falling asleep those nights and ended up having nightmares! Then you would laugh at me for being silly! I felt so small whenever you belittled me and I hated myself to continue longing to be your friend! I hated myself for trying hard to be in your good book!
All the adults would praise you for being the perfect girl in the family; intelligent, active, obedient, pretty and popular! They would always tell me to be like you; be the top student, be a school prefect and be a hard worker! Huh? See, you have set the standard so high that they made my life miserable!
Yes! You have made my life miserable then and yet, as I shouted “You again?” I felt the joy to meet you! You brought back happy thoughts of my childhood! If not for you, I could have a more miserable childhood! I believe life would not be the same if you did not come into my life. I believe weekends would not mean anything if you did not visit us then. So, I say thank you to you. Yes, you!
Thank you.
Quote of the Day:
How dear to this heart are the scenes of my childhood,
When fond recollection presents them to view.

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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