I am a part-time short story writer with lots of stories built around my personal experiences. I normally spice them up to capture my audience’s attention, so don’t take everything I write as the literal truth! I am a lover of satire writers and do a lot of such stories myself. Most of these are political based but some aren’t. I have gone through a lot in life, believe me and some of the things I have done are stranger than fiction. So enjoy reading what I want to share with you all. Good things must come in small portions! Have fun.

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A Short story by UV

Among the hyenas, there was this young leader who had gone far and wide in the land. He was a jolly fellow and mixed well with every creature. The wild boar had a domesticated leader, almost a pig, who could hardly speak the boar’s language and more like a lion in nature. Among the ravens a bright young bird emerged. These three formed an alliance that was unheard of in Weleysie. Many would never believe that such three diverse creatures could unite. The lions were amazed too! Others have tried to unite these creatures under one body but have failed. The formula was to allow each group of animals/birds to form their own council and have a loose coalition to negotiate with the Lions for freedom.

The three strange bedfellows managed to unite most of the other animals behind them. The lions saw in them the exact plan they wanted. Here were three diverse animal groups that had to do some fine balancing. Any faltering and they would crumble. They saw the potential for pulling the strings from above. They would definitely need the support of the lions for a long time.

The lions knew that if they left the hyenas alone to fend for themselves they would fail as they had been scavengers for too long. The wild boars will dominate the land with their diligent approach to life; however, many may leave the region if they have nothing to hang on to. The ravens were too small a group to bother the lions so they were practically ignored. So the lions told the wild boars that they would allow them to be part of the land, to settle here permanently but they must allow the hyenas special considerations until they are equally able to fend for themselves. It was mutually agreed.

(To be continued.)


Have a Happy Day! ;D

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