How embarrassing!!!

How embarrassing can this get? I better continue talking as if there is nothing wrong with my pants. There is no way he would notice my zip is down. I better pull my blouse lower to cover the pant’s zipper! No, I better use my handbag to cover it first and try to zip it up when he is not looking. Eh, he is looking away now! Pull it up! Pull it up! Quick! Done! Phew!
This has not happened for a long, long time. The last time I was in an embarrassing moment was when I walked out of my apartment in slippers all dressed up in my party dress! It was good that I noticed it when I got into my car! Phew again! What did I do? I had to walk back to the apartment to wear my high heels lah!
While I am alert and able to get out of some embarrassing moments myself, I am good in catching others in embarrassing situations. There were a few times I caught some friends wearing their T-shirt inside out! I have walked up to strangers to tell them their zips were down! Another time, I told someone he was wearing a different slipper on each foot! Hahaha!
All of the above could not beat what one of my girlfriends did! She realised she wore her pants (those with elastic waist bands) back at the front while she was in the hotel lift. You would not believe what she did! She asked the four of us to block her, in case the lift door opens, while she took off her pants to wear it right! The few minutes were the most panicky minutes of all our lives! And we laughed so hard that the lift almost burst opened before we hit our floor! Wahahaha!

What about my dear cousin? Haiz… everyone in the family knows; she never failed to pick up somebody else’s cup or glass of drink and drink it as if it was hers! She always forgets which cup or glass is hers! Yuck! Hahaha!

I must tell you this too! The other day when we were having breakfast, I noticed my friend was giggling hard at his wife. Curiously, I asked him, “Why? Why are you giggling?”
“Heeheehee… Look at her plate!”
Oh my! You should be there with me and see what I saw! Her denture was on the plate! It dropped out from her mouth while she was eating! Hahahahaha! Sorry, I could not hold my laughter! I laughed so hard that she also burst out laughing! Oh, please pass me a piece of tissue for my tears and an oxygen mask too! I was grasping for air which I lost in my hard laughter!
Oh, I am so bad, so bad (Michael’s Jackson’s)! How can I laugh so hard at somebody’s embarrassing moments? How can I?? But I could not help it! It was really funny! Didn’t someone say that we live longer if we learn to laugh harder? Boy, I guess I will outlive my savings if I continue laughing so hard! Wahahahahaha!
Have you had a hard laugh recently?

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Have a Happy Day! ;D

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