Petaling Street Stroll

My adventure in Petaling Street never ceases to amaze me. I have rediscovered some good food, found the once popular eateries are no longer as tasty, and new discoveries of some things I have never noticed before during my many visits there.
At one of the back lanes, a foreigner was laying down some old stuff for sale. 
I wonder if anyone would actually buy these, if he needs a licence to sell them
and if this guy is a legal immigrant to be trading here. 
Don’t you find back lanes eerie and mysterious?  
You will never find me walking through these lanes at night!
Ah, I know this stall!  The famous “Mata Kucing” (Dragon Eye) Drink stall! 
An old time favourite!  For years this stall has been standing at this spot!
People come and go, but this stall has firmly marked its location in Petaling Street’s map!
The drink is actually dried longan boiled with luo han guo.
I love it cold although some people like it warm.
Flower stalls along both sides of the road is such a pleasant sight! 
These stalls have been here for ages! 
Glad to find their business still growing strong and healthy. 
Look at the variety of flowers displayed!
Ah, more flowers!  Simply beautiful!
Why do women get attracted to flowers? 
Just cannot understand!
Nothing beats seeing strings of jasmine near the Indian temple. 
Yes, jasmine is my favourite flower because of its fragrance. 
The Indians would buy them to wear or place them at the altars.
Look!  They have lotus flowers too!
Another sacred flower used to place at the altars,
not only by the Indians but also by the Buddhist.
I was passing by a taxi and noticed some words printed on the body of the taxi.
Hmmm, this is something new to me. 
Did they have this after the “Poll: Malaysian taxis among worst in world” in 2008?
But it is written in Bahasa Malaysia only.
How would the tourists, visiting Malaysia, know the message before they board into the cab?
Now, should I be a kind citizen and highlight this issue in Star Online’s Citizen Blog?

So, what’s the message? 
It says that “This taxi is using a meter.  Negotiation of fare is prohibited.  Get a receipt for the fare.”
Dear tourists, if you are reading this post,
please take note of the following when boarding a taxi in KL
Firstly, you do not need to negotiate the fare with the driver. 
Secondly, make sure the driver turn on the meter only after you have boarded. 
Thirdly, insist on a printed receipt after you have made payment. 
And lastly, all fares are in Ringgit Malaysia (RM), our local currency.
Hah!  A common sight in the vicinity of Petaling Street! 
Yes, some irresponsible drivers have parked their cars at the side of the road
instead of parking them in a legal parking lot. 
These selfish drivers just left their vehicles to obstruct traffic! 
Hey, you have parked on the yellow line! 
Why?  You forgotten what yellow lines mean? 
Go back and learn your traffic rules, friend!
For once, I feel proud of our traffic police who is writing a saman
What are your experiences in Petaling Street?

2 responses to this post.

  1. Petaling Street is a haven for foreigners [and locals] to bargain and haggle for the price of the goods. However, if you have no intention to buy something, DO NOT start the bargaining because if the vendor agrees to your price and you turn it down he will not be happy and may verbally abuse you.Sacastic remarks like "don't know which village you come from!" or "if you have no money please don't come shopping lah!"., etc., etc.Everything is fake goods, so no need to ask them whether they are genuine products cos you will get the standard "yes boss, original product, we have many stock, sell cheap.."TFL

  2. To be honest, TFL, I do not go to Petaling Street to shop. I only go there for food.Nowadays, almost every stall is manned by foreign traders. Only the food stalls are still runned by the locals.A sad sight, right?

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