If tomorrow is my last

“Death Duel” is an old movie by Run Run Shaw (or Shaw Brothers). Aiyah, why am I talking about an old Chinese movie? Let me explain. There was one scene when the hero of the show, who had been poisoned and had only 3 day to live, asked the people he met what they would do if they were to die the next day.
A well respected teacher answered he wanted to visit the prostitution house and have a wonderful time for the night and go to the gambling den to have a fun time as his last two experiences. A widow who has received recognition for her celibacy practice for more than ten years exclaimed that she would find a man and have sex all night! Wow! The movie has successfully portrayed a true reflection of one’s character and desire when put to the test!
That scene caught my attention and also got me to put on my thinking cap. If I were destined to die tomorrow, what is the last thing that I want to do the most which I never dared do. Hmmm, what would it be? Do I have any?
I remembered reading in the news some time back that a man withdrew all his money from the bank, went into the busy street in town and threw his cash into the air for the passersby to pick. Will I do that? No, I will not because I have already made a will and that part is taken care of.
I think I want to meet all the people who I think I have unresolved issues (and not face the fact that I do) with to have my final say before I feast on my favourite food for the last time and go to the place I want to be to stay there till my last breath.
Do I want anyone to be with me? That, I have mixed feeling; while I may want certain people to stay with me till the end of my life, I do not know if those people want to be by my side to watch me die. Hence, I may probably choose to make my journey on my own because I do not wish anyone to have nightmares of my dying moments.
Sigh, all these thoughts kind of remind me of sjzhuang, late blogger on Star Online Citizen’s Blog. His last post mentioned he would take a holiday with his family before his operation and his daughter, HerrMione, subsequently wrote a post describing her last travel with his father. Yes, one can plan his or her last “adventure” if one knows or expects when his or her last day would be. Not like my beloved sister, who died in a car accident. We did not even have any last words. Sob!
Aye, did I bring your mood down? Sorry if I did. I say, blame it on the movie lah for making me think so much!
Coming back to the movie, I found that that message was not the only message successful captured. The other messages which I find interesting are:
1) be a nobody; if you are the best in what you are and famous for the same reason, many people will want to out beat you be famous and get your title.
2) Life is precious; is it worthwhile to go all out to get fame and riches at the expense of forsaking one’s life?
3) Everybody is equal; if there is no barrier between men, if one does not know who the other one is; one could save the life of another human being even if that person is an “enemy”.
You may find my multi-tasking habit very useful indeed, right? Because I could still watch a movie while typing a post for my blog. Haha. And still extract so much from that movie! I am also amazed at myself. Not forgetting, I could even join in a conversation while doing these two! Hah! You better don’t play, play with me lor. The eyes, the ears and the mind could be independent of each other!
Do you benefit from any of the above messages?
Quote of the day:
Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.
~ Mohandas Gandhi

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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