Home Coming n Goodbye

I was trying to hold back my tears as I bid my niece goodbye. She will be leaving for Japan, her husband’s homeland, after her 3 weeks visit back to Malaysia with her two children. I noticed her eyes were teary too. We hugged tight and put on a smiling face, trying to make this farewell as pleasant and memorable as possible. She will miss us again, yes again, because she only comes back every three to four years to meet her family members. As we meet her and her growing children, she meets her aging parents and siblings in her every visit. Now, it is going to be another three to four years before we meet again.
Her kids, on the other hand, were looking forward to go home. Yes, their home is in Japan and they failed to understand the excitement of their mother, who suddenly speak her mother tongue, something that they do not understand, with strangers who the elder kid may have some recollection of from her last three visits and from photographs, who the younger kid have no idea who they are.
The past few weeks, their lives consist of travelling, gatherings, having dinners and spending nights in rotation in every family member’s house. Yes, she and her children have to pack their luggage every two three nights to move over to her sister’s or her brother or her parents or our house. So much so, the children will ask her: Where are we staying tonight? We are moving again? When are we coming back to this house?
Other than being nomads in Malaysia, the children were being asked to taste our Malaysian delicacies and fruits which they did not understand why their mother loves to eat so much.
“Mammy, mammy, you are eating again? What is that? Durian, no I don’t want! So smelly! Yuck!” and they would run around the house to avoid being forced to take a bite. Hahaha! Err, the above have to be translated from Japanese lah!
Her home coming has also made me enjoyed a variety of food and fruits too and of course put on extra pounds which I have lost 3 years ago! So, should I welcome her back? Of course, I do because she is such a wonderful character to have around. Her kids too, especially the younger one whom we have “sexually” harassed! Oh my goodness, am I using the right word ah? Is getting kisses from the kid, kissing the kid, hugging him, stroking his hair and touching his face equivalent to sexual harassment? Hehehe. Aye, if we do not take advantage now, another three years time, we will have no chance to do that lah!
That is why I will also miss her and her children. Missing her for the times we went food hunting and our mutual enjoyment for food! I will miss her children, despite our language barrier, because they do not speak anything else except Japanese, for their innocence and for their true and honest characters of children.
We spent more time with them this time round because we made plans to do so. As we age, we value family and loved ones more. We will not know when the next time is going to be; if there would be a next time, and who knows whether this is going to be the last time. No, I am not being pessimistic; I am just being practical again because of my past experiences. I rather live in the present than regret in the future.
How about you?

Quote of the day:
Absence is one of the most useful ingredients of family life, 
and to dose it rightly is an art like any other.


Have a Happy Day! ;D

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