West Coastal Road (Day 5~ Finale) – Good night, Kuala Lumpur

After a good night sleep in Ipoh, at our cousin’s home, we realised that we were really tired from all the travelling. We had initially planned to travel to Cameron Highlands for the day before driving back to KL. We changed our minds in the morning. Yah, let’s stay put in Ipoh and drive back to KL from here!

As usual once we are in Ipoh means eat, eat and eat! Did someone ask me to watch my weight? Too late! I must have gained at least 5 lbs from this expedition! There goes my weight watch! I better get back to exercising when I am back in KL. I better!

Breakfast was Ipoh Kai Si Hor Fun (shredded chicken kuay teow), chee cheong fun with mushroom sauce and white coffee! See, so much food! This was only breakfast!

Oh, I must stop eating like this! No more food! Eh, want to buy the salted chicken back to KL? Erm, for dinner lah! Let’s go for tau fu far? Last one, last one, no more eating after this! I promise!

Have lunch at home before going back to KL? Huh? Eat again ah? Don’t eat can ah? Cannot ah? Because it is home cooked food? Okaylah.

Sorry lah, this post is going to be about eating only. Don’t worry I will not be writing about food for a long, long time after this. I am also tired of eating, least writing about food.

I am going to end the “expedition” here! 

Let’s recap the “expedition”:

Day 1 – We started from KL to Klang for Bak-Kut-Teh (breakfast)

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From Bukit Melawati, we drove to Pasir Penambang for coconut drink
(we thought we could get the pandan coconuts but was disappointed with local coconuts only) 

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Lunch was at Sekinchan at Restaurant Jiann Chyi recommended by Axian. 
They are famous for shark meat dishes. 

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On the way to Sitiawan, we stopped by Teluk Intan to visit the famous “leaning” pagoda and
tasted their famous chee cheong fun! 

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Dinner in Sitiawan, Restaurant Bei King, popular for their Hock Chew’s specialities! 

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Good night at Crystal Bay Chalet at Teluk Batik, Sitiawan. 
We DO NOT recommend that place for your accommodation!

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Day 2 – Breakfast at Sitiawan town before buying their famous biscuits.
Lunch at Lumut’s temple. 
This was not in the plan but was too hungry to hunt for food. 
Charity lunch is better than no lunch. 
Yah, yah, the temple served us lunch, we give charity to the temple!

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We took a ferry from the jetty at Lumut to go over to Pulau Pangkor for the night

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snorkel, feed fish, island hopping, coral sighting, the beach and the swimming pool! 
Wah!  What a day!
Lunch at Lumut, near the jetty.  Okaylah.
Dinner at Bukit Tambun. 
Last minute decision to beat the traffic at the Penang Bridge!

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Into Penang, via the Penang Bridge, for the night!

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Lunch at Penang Road, opposite the Police Station for the famous laksa and chendol!
The GPS took us out of Penang when we wanted to hunt for Penang popular goodies. 
Aye, can use the GPS as paper weight lah! 
We ended in Taiping very much earlier than our plan.  Sigh.

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Last stop at Taiping Night Safari before heading to Ipoh for the night!  Ta-ta, zebras!

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End of 4 days 3 nights ( intended 5 days 4 nights) “expedition”!  Hope you enjoy our trip along the west coast as much as us!
Do you have anything to share too, about the west coast?


This post edited by UV

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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