Charity begins at home?

One of my clients has all the wealth in the world and yet he keeps on forming companies after companies. When being asked why he does it, he replies that it is his philosophy to create work for the public. Even when a business is making losses he would still continue to pump in money from the profit making businesses to run the business that is running at a loss. How generous of him.
How many rich people really think about creating jobs for the society, about helping people to earn a living and about educating children of today to have a better tomorrow?
For the past few days, I have been seeing articles about giving back to society, about charity and about helping the needy. I have tried reaching out before until I realised that charity should begin at home. Yes, that means we should first extend help to our family members who need assistance; be it financial or moral support. Even that, we have to decide if the family member is worth helping.
If we look at things logically, that means using our heads instead of our heart, we would find that some people are in the state they are today because of what they have done in the past. It could be they did not know how save for the rainy days, it could be they have been neglecting the family and was a spendthrift in his or her lifestyle, it could be whatever help they get, they would misuse it for other undesirable habits.
Hence, like many rational people will do, we should do a thorough check on the worthiness of the person or family member we want to extend our assistance to. However, after saying what I have said, in some genuine cases by the time checks are being done, it could be too late to lend a helping hand; especially cases where the need is for medical purpose. Sigh!
Does it mean that we should do charity blindly so that we would not miss a chance to help the real needy? I don’t know. But as far as I am concerned I no longer give money to beggars who come round coffee shops, including monks and charity homes volunteers. I have also stopped giving to shabby looking old folk’s homes or orphanage which are run by sweet talkers who dressed well with expensive jewelleries and accessories.
Many people believe that if the giving is genuine and the receiving is faulty, the receiver should be subject to bad karma for their act. Maybe it is true, but do we want to encourage unscrupulous people in taking advantage of our soft hearts for charitable act?

If I am as rich as my client, I would do what he does; to create work for people. Like the famous saying: teach a person to fish is better than giving a person a fish because a fish can be eaten only for a meal or two but if a person learns the skill of fishing, he could fish for himself everyday to feed himself and his family!

Since I am not able to do that, I have been extending help to my family members and friends who are not so well off. Yes, they are being done subtly so that these people are not offended by my actions. You see, some people have too much pride to ask for assistance and I would not want to offend them or hurt their ego with the little help I give. Please do not think I have a lot to give but sometimes a little help is better than no help. Sometimes, they only need our ears to listen to their problems. Sometimes, they only seek moral support. Only occasionally, they would out rightly ask for assistance in monetary form.
Please do not feel that I am a holy person too. I can only say I am a practical person. If I could help in any way within my means, I would try but do not take advantage of my kindness because I could severe a relationship when I know the bad intention behind some mournful acts.
Phew! See, I am giving away a little more of myself in my blog. Thank goodness, you only know my teeth and not my face! Hahaha!
Do you have the same character or personality as I have when it comes to charity?
Quote of the day:
Charity begins at home, and justice begins next door.
~ Charles Dickens

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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