West Coastal Road (Day 4) – Good night, Ipoh

The good thing about travelling without fixed time table is we can start off any time we wish. We travelled towards Balik Pulau because we wanted to try our luck if there were durians on sale. On the way there we found some food stalls. The first time I tasted Penang kolok mee ( dry noodles). Hey, it was very tasty indeed! What a pleasant surprise and it was only an ordinary coffee shop selling it.

the Penang kolok (dry) noodles

On the way to find durians, we found a beautiful reservoir. Of course, must get down taking some pictures! Hey, there’s durian lah! Let’s stop and feast! What do they have? Durian 301? Hmm, never heard of it before. And Chok Kiuk (sorry lah do not know the English name, if there’s any). Yummy, yummy! 

Eh, we found the durian.com.my resort lah! Just take a few snaps lah! Wah, the scenery here is fascinating! We can see the whole of Penang from here lei!

Oophs, we better get back to check out! We must get out before 1pm! Go where for lunch? Let’s go to Penang Road’s famous asam laksa, char kuay teow, prawn mee and chendol, okay? Let’s not waste time! Must eat, must eat! Yummy, yummy!

in case you do not know;
the shop just behind this coffee shop, selling rojak and chendol
 is the same owner as the roadside stall beside the coffee shop
and the Famous Penang Road Chendol at Komtar Walk!

Now what? Shop for Penang’s popular biscuits and goodies lah! Okay, let’s follow the GPS!

Oh my goodness, where is the GPS taking us lah? Hey, we are at the Penang Bridge! Aiyah, what are we to do now? Want to U turn back? No? Want to move on to the next destination? Huh? So early? Err, our next destination is Taiping night safari wor. Now is only 2pm!

majestic trees at the Taiping Lake Garden

We reached Taiping at about 3.30pm. What are we to do here so early? Where to go now? Go to their famous chendol? Chendol again? We just had chendol in Penang! Okaylah, they also got pasembur there, right? Okay lah. Let’s just go there for a while, better than driving around aimlessly. After all, we have already driven round the Taiping Lake and enjoyed the scenery. Majestic, indeed just like UV and BBK said it would be.

the signboard says “famous” chendol 
still prefer Penang’s chendol than this version and
sorry to say the pasembur was not up to our expectation at all!

Aisay, where to go after here lah? We better have dinner before going to the safari. Eat again? Urgh! I don’t think I can eat anymore. Yikes! Just find out where to go first then decide whether we should eat there or not.

Listen, my friend said we can go to the old market which is now a food court. Most of the food there are good! She said no point eating at restaurants when you are in Taiping town. There, we could also buy Taiping famous biscuits. We could do everything at one place before going to the safari. Okay?

For your info, half of the old market stalls are halal and half non halal.
this satay stall (halal)’s owner says, “taking photo ah.  wait, let me tambah minyak dulu”
and kaboom!  we got a dragon shaped fire for our shot! 
Amazing technique of cooking the satay!  Hahaha!

as usual, whether restaurant or not,
when it comes to food we just clean the plates and the bowls
and the plastic bags!  Huh?  Hahaha!

Night Safari ticket counters open on 7.30pm. After one trip around the zoo in the tram ride, I was disappointed. In fact, very disappointed because I kept on comparing it with Singapore’s Night Safari. To satisfy ourselves to get value for money we took a second round in the tram. The adults were not satisfied at all but we hope the children found the rides thrilling and exciting and hopefully they enjoyed the night zoo too.

night safari mah, how to take pictures of the animals lah? 
No “canggih” camera to take good pictures.  Sigh! 
At least we got the zebra shots, with shinning eyes.  Yikes!

Now, we can tell people we have been to the Night Safari! The children were so tired from the day’s travel and we still need to drive back to Ipoh for the night!  Goodbye, Taiping!

(Overview of the whole expedition)

This post is edited by UV


Have a Happy Day! ;D

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