West Coastal Road (Day 3) – Good night, Penang


Day three started with us taking the boat ride to snorkel, fish feeding, island hopping, swimming in an isolated island and coral sightings. We had a wonderful time in Pulau Pangkor! The resort, the sea, the beach and the swimming pool were heavens to the children! For me, the snorkelling and speed boat ride made this trip worthwhile. Oh, I love Pangkor! Hey, I should get one T-shirt with that slogan, right? Aye, why I never thought of that?

island hopping in the speed boat
snorkelling wearing a life jacket
our rooms facing the swimming pool
kids having a wonderful “beach” time!

We checked out before lunch time and had lunch near the jetty. The taxi man recommended the place because some HK food critic visited it. Erm, to me, it was just another plate of chicken rice. We left the island after lunch and drove out from Lumut to PLUS highway using the coastal way. It took us 2 ½ hours! Phew!

this stall, near the jetty, was visited by HK famous food critic,
Hugo Leung Man-to, or Toto (the fat chef)!
His pictures are pasted on the glass!

Yup, we have to take a ferry ride from Pulau Pangkor to Lumut

By the time we were reaching Penang Bridge, it was almost 5pm. We decided to turn into Bukit Tambun for dinner. We only know the place is famous for its seafood but did not know which restaurant is popular or famous. So, what did we do? We chose the restaurant with the oldest signboard! Jeti Restaurant! Hahaha!

yes, really worn off signboard.  must be “loh chew pai” (old timer shop)!  haha!
this restaurant is at a fishing village.  the sampans were parked just beside the restaurant.

Oh, the food was simply delicious! They serve the best fried oyster I ever tasted. When we left the restaurant, we realised the restaurant opposite to it had a bigger crowd! Ah, that must be the more popular restaurant. Next time, next time we shall visit it!

the best dinner for the whole trip: best fried oyster!

lala in garlic and wine, simply delicious!
steamed mussels, yummy-yummy!
cucuk manis with sambal, a local favourite!
tepanyaki taufoo, “sapu” by the kids in split second!
bamboo lala, the smaller version, in oyster sauce

Let’s move on to Penang for the night! Now, where are we staying? Hai Soon (Bayu Emas) apartment? What kind of place is that? It is at Batu Ferringhi just opposite Bayview Beach Resort? Okay, whatever. Let’s go!

Penang Bridge, after sunset

We reached the apartment about 8.30pm. We took two fully air conditioned apartments with two bedrooms each. Each bedroom has a bathroom. One bedroom has two single beds and one with a queen size bed. Nice and comfortable. They even have a fully equipped kitchen if one wishes to cook there! Of course, the living room is fully furnished and has a television set.

After settling down, we took a drive to Gurney Drive for supper. No drizzle could stop us! Hehehe! We were just eager to taste Penang as soon as we stepped foot on it! We ordered asam laksa, fried cockles, some fried shells (sorry, don’t know its name), grilled cuttlefish, char kuay teow and fried oyster! Sorry, forgot to take our camera along! Too eager to go for food lah!

What a satisfied night! With the food, of course! Now, we should get a good night sleep before we continue our expedition! Yawn! Yup, sleepy already. Good night!

(Overview of the whole expedition)

This post is edited by UV


Have a Happy Day! ;D

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