After Suzhou….

The conversation about former beaus triggered my memories to this guy who would come to my mother’s place every night. It was just after Form 5 and this guy who is one (or was it two) year my senior shifted to KL to further his studies in engineering.
He is a friend of my friend who was introduced to me because they were roommates. The guy came a few times to our place with my friend but subsequently started coming over on his own. He would stay to watch television, read the newspapers and chat with my mother. Me? I would be doing my own thing in my room and would only sit in the living room to “entertain” the guy when my mother insisted. “How can you be so rude and let the poor boy sit outside for so long and you are in your own room? It is obvious he came to visit you. Shoo! Go out and talk to people. Have some manners!”
Aye, I was not interested in the first place and I felt that it was a waste of time “entertaining’ him with a game of Chinese Chess or International Chess or even Snake and Ladders! Just let my sister or brother has fun with him lah! After all, I did not invite him to the house.
Just when I was thinking about it over a Chinese Chess game, he asked,” Want to go for a show?” “Huh? A show ah? Not free lah. Maybe another time, okay?” I replied curtly.
Phew! Did he just try to ask me out? And he did that a few times until finally I had to say yes because mummy said I should not be too rude! She did not understand that no interest means I am not interested. How to go out with someone I did not have any interest in conversation, movies or anything for that matter? Why was she so eager that I should go out with any guy anyway? I just do not understand my mother!
Anyway, that day, I got my brother and sister to go for the show together. Yes! He had to buy 4 tickets instead of just 2 tickets and my siblings sat between the two of us! He, he, I felt so safe then. What happened after the show? Nothing! He stopped coming. Wow! That must be a bucket of cold water over his head!
I was bad, was I not? Of course at that age, I had so many beaus after me. Beaus, eh? The Chinese saying: “After Suzhou, there will be no more sampans for rides”. True indeed, after that prime age and after my first boyfriend, courting life calmed down suddenly until now. Many said it was my independent character that chases potential beaus away! Maybe, but I had attracted those I should not and those I have no interest in. And those I was attracted to were not attracted to me. Complicating isn’t it?
But life as a single person is not without fun. At least now, I am being envied by many married friends who had gone through hell with their married life because their husbands has others outside, some got divorced and some are still bound in the marriage because of their children. When the children are old enough, they would also separate. I cannot imagine myself going through that kind of life!
I said it before, and I’ll say it again: Life is destined. What will be, will be; and if I am meant to be free and single for the rest of my life, I am happy being so. In fact, I am thankful that I do not have to go through the pains some of my girlfriends are going through. Emotional break downs could be more harmful than physical sickness.
Do you agree?
Quote of the day:
Men marry because they are tired,
women because they are curious:
both are disappointed.
– Oscar Wilde
This post is edited by UV

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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