May everyone be well and happy, always!

Two friends’ SMS me about an interesting fact about August 2010 which says:

“This August has 5 Sundays, 5 Mondays, 5 Tuesdays and all in one month. It happens once in 823 years. These are money blessings and pass them to 8 Good People. You will receive good finances in 4 days!”
Aye, thank you for the interesting fact, but does it really carry money blessings along with it? Or is it a scam by the phone companies so that they would earn more from the SMSes to another 8 Good People and so forth? One thing I do not do, if my friends know me well enough, is to forward such mails. At least, this SMS is talking about blessings. There are some chained SMSes which says if you do not pass the message on, you’ll be cursed! What type of friends would send such curses to their friends?
I have ignored all of the blessed and cursed messages and I never kept tap if those “magical” things really happened! I believe the more you fear, the more likely it will happen and the more you wish, the more likely it will not happen! It is all in the mind, it is all in the mind! Why put ourselves through the torment in the first place, right? Just do not participate in such chain letters lah!
Talking about the month of August! Gee, do you know that this is a special month for me? This month I’ll be celebrating my birthday! Yeah! Another year older, hopefully another year wiser! There are two other people who celebrate their birthday on the same day as I do. Both are much, much older than me, so I have to call them up each year to wish them Happy Birthday! And you guessed the reply alright! It is:”Same to you!” Hahaha! And they are always very excited to say that because I will be the only person to whom they can say it to! It is so amazing, right? To find another person celebrating the same birth date with you! And I found two!!!
I used to look forward to my birthday. In fact, I would remind people about the big day. But as time passes, as I become older, celebrating the day with close friends and loved ones become more meaningful than celebrating for the sake of celebrating. My mother told me last year that she does not want to celebrate her birthday on a big scale anymore because she believes as one ages one should not remind oneself of one’s age. This will prolong one’s life as the gods are not reminded of the age too! What a superstition! As usual, the older a person gets the more superstitious the person becomes. True?
I also used to have many wishes for my birthday, only to realise later that everything I wish for, I really have to work for it! For example, if I wish to be healthy, wealthy and happy, I have to take care of my own health, work for my own wealth and be in a happy state of mind all the time. Even wishing for a Prince Charming means I have to mingle with some princes, right? Hahaha!
So nowadays, I would only wish to be well and happy and I wish everyone else the same! Yes, may everyone be well and happy, always! Birthday or not!
What is your birthday wish?
Quote for the day:
The more you praise and celebrate your life,
the more there is in life to celebrate.
~ Oprah Winfrey

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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